4 Ways to Reduce Photo Size Enough Through the Website

Image compression online tool is used to reduce image file size without affecting its visual representation. Everyone knows that the landscape dominates the visuals, and image compression is an essential tool for every website for optimal performance. The demand for HD-quality images is increasing every day. The need for the best ways to reduce photo size online through the website is expanding, which maintains the balance between the size and quality of an image. If you want to know the best ways to reduce photo size enough through the website, you are at the right place.

Why do we need to Reduce Size of Images?

Image compressor tools are used to reduce image sizes. You need to reduce the image size to save more storage on the device. A compressed image loads faster and takes less time to upload on social media. A small picture is easy to email and share online. If you upload an unoptimized image, it slows down your website. You need to reduce image file size for your website. We will discuss here the easiest ways to reduce image size.

4 Best Ways To Reduce Photo Size

Multiple ways are available to reducer compress images without losing quality. But here we are going to discuss 4 ways to reduce photo size enough through the website.

  1. Compress Images in Windows

Large files occupy too much storage on the device. But now you can reduce the size of your image file in a window smoothly. All you have to do is open an image and click on the top 3 dots of the toolbar. Select the size and format in which you want your image. Your photo will be compressed. Select the location to save the compressed images.

  1. Compress Images on Mac

Preview is an application that is available on every Mac device. You can use it to compress images smoothly. Open the image whose size you want to compress via the preview app. There is the “Tool” option on the top menu bar. Select it and tap on the adjust size option. Set the size according to your needs. Save it on your device by selecting the location.

  1. Resize Images in Photoshop

Are you one of those who want to compress photos by using any tool? No need to look for more tools, rather than  Photoshop. You can download its application on your device, and use it anytime with an internet connection. This tool allows you to edit and compress your image without affecting its quality. 

All you have to do is open Photoshop’s software and browse the image. Click on the “Export as” option. In the new-pop window, you can see the size and format of an image. You can adjust the size of the image according to your requirements and hit the “Export” button. Your compressed image will be on your device within seconds.

  1. Reduce size of images by using an online Photo Size Reducer

There are multiple ways available to compress photos. However, using an online Image compressor or reducer is the most efficient and reliable way to compress images. To compress pictures online, use ImageDaimond’s image compressing tool. It is a fast, efficient, and free web-based tool that allows you to reduce size of image according to your requirements. No special knowledge is required to use this tool, and it has a user-friendly interface.

What makes our Image Diamond’s Photo Size Reducer Best for All?

The main features that make this online image compressor the best are listed below.:

  • It is safe and secure to use. You can download your lost compressed image file from this tool within 24 hours. 
  • There are no restrictions on how many images you can compress. So, compress as many pictures as you want. 
  • ImageDaimond Image Size Reducer is incredibly simple to use; all you have to do is open it and upload images in its input field. Wait for a few seconds after hitting the “Convert” button.
  • You can reduce file size without sacrificing your image quality and its representation. 

Final Words

Photo size reducers make life easy these days. Now, you don’t need to worry about image size. In this article, we discussed why we need to reduce image size and what are the best ways to reduce photo size through the website. You can select the one which satisfies you and your needs.

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