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ImageDiamond website is Image Compression website. To know more about image Diamond you can check the working page.

Apart from Reducing Image size, You can Read Image Diamond Blog.

On this blog, you will find information about photo editing tools, trick & tips images etc.

Some most the Articles are suggested by visitors. If you think that there is such which that I did not write a blog article on that then you can contact us. I will provide you a solution by replying you creating a New article (If I know about it)


Harinderpreet Singh

Hi, I’m the founder of ImageDiamond. I’m a full-time blogger. Currently, I manage two Blog this one and opentechinfo.com

I from Punjab India. Current home town is also in Punjab. My main agenda is solving people online problem by providing a better solution. Don’t be Hesitidate to Share your Feedback with me (You can use contact form)

Harinderpreet Singh