InstaPro Apk Download 2022 (Updated)

Instagram is the most popular social media after Facebook. The Instagram founder used to work for Google before making Instagram.

Facebook saw huge potential in Instagram that’s why they invested money into Instagram in the early days.

Some small features of Instagram such as privacy etc made it unique that youngsters love Instagram more than Facebook.

One of the features that I miss on Instagram is you can’t download images. Most people screenshot or use any third-party app for downloading images from Instagram.

I hope you also miss downloading features on Instagram. Sometimes we came across an amazing image that we want to save in the gallery.

So if you miss downloading and other basic features then you must need this new app. Introducing

Insta Pro:

Instagram pro is the modded version of Instagram. It allows you to access many other advanced features that are not available in the original Instagram. Moreover, It has a huge list of features like video save, story saves, image download, and many more. To grab the Instagram pro APK file, click on the download button and save APK file on your mobile phone.

App nameInstagram mod
App size57.18 MB
Required4.4 Or Above
Offered byUnknown
CategorySocial Media

About Developer:

Like other apps, this application is also made by an unknown developer, who hides their name. Because it is totally illegal application.

Because no one can use Instagram’s name, either platform and other things without their permission.

This is the main reason most mod application developers, didn’t reveal their names in public.

How does this app make money?

There are lots of ways to earn money from the application. The most common way to earn money from any application is through ads.

Most of the mod application has ads in their applications, Which makes money for their developers.

That’s why you can see ads on Instagram pro, from where they earn money.

How to Install Instagram Mod APK

Installing Insta pro APK is extremely simple. However, unlike other apps, this amazing app is not available in the play store.

Click on the above download button. it will take you to the download page. Once the download is finished then go to downloads and open the app for installation.

You may get messages like this.

Instagram pro mod apk download

Just click on the settings and allow installation from an unknown source.

Once done go back then you will see the message turned into an install popup. If not then again click on the downloaded APK file/instead pro download.

Anyway, click on the install and it will install the app on your phone within a few seconds.

Now you can open this app and login into your account.

Best Features of Instagram Pro APK

Download Photos/Videos: Under every photo/video that you will see in the feed you will get a download icon. It will ask for photo gallery permission first then it will start saving images into the gallery.

Instagram pro mod apk download

I know there are many third-party apps available to download photos/videos but the Instagram pro APK/Instagram pro hacked version download 2021 provides the best experience.

You can also download the photos/videos/audio from the chat.

Download Stories: Another cool feature of insta pro APK. For downloading stories click on the 3 dot menu then click on download.

Save Profile Picture: Another amazing feature of Pro APK. Just hold on to the profile picture it will show you the image in HD format.

Instagram pro mod apk download

Now hold on to the picture to save it in the phone gallery.

Copy Bio: This is one of my favorite features. Many times I came across an amazing bio. I want to copy a few words. That’s where pro APK makes your job easy.

Just hold your thumb on the bio for 3-4 seconds then leave it, you will see the bio is copied message at the bottom of the screen.

Instagram pro mod apk download

you also tripe tab for saving photos/videos into the gallery.

Copy comments: Same way you can copy a bio you can also comment on someone’s post.

The not only copy you can also translate comments into English from any other language.

Unfollow tracker: If you want to track your profile then this feature is best for you. I have seen some influencers paying third-party apps for this feature.

However, with an Instagram pro, you get this feature in inbuild inside the app.

Go to profile then click on 3 dot menu from sidebar bar and choose Instagram pro Settings

Scroll until you don’t see unfollowing tracker. Click on it, it will show you something like the following screenshot. Tick to enable it and there are some other settings that you can play with.

You see people who unfollow by clicking on the unfollowers list. However, this app will not send you a notification when someone unfollows you. You have to check it manually.

Disable Ads: This app automatically disables ads. It will not serve you many sponsored posts by default. However, if you want to view ads while browsing then go to Instagram pro settings→Feed & Stories settings.

Here you will see that disabled ads are checked. You have to uncheck it for getting sponsored posts in your feed.

Instagram pro mod apk download

Change Icon: if you are bored with the default Instagram icon then you can use some fancy icons that you are getting inside the app.

You get a lot of icons inside the app.

Again go to Instapro Settings. Here you need to select launcher icons. It will load insta icons with some styles.

Select your icon and tap on the Apply New Icon. It will show you a message that the icon is applied. You can go back to check whether the icon is applied or not.

App Lock: Although app lock is available in the settings of every phone. However, if it is not available on your phone or you don’t want to settings then you can also lock it inside the app.

This feature is available instapro Settings. As you can see in the screenshot there are also some settings that you can play with.

Instagram pro mod apk download

Disable the Double tab for like: You must be wondering why someone will do that. Once you get the habit of downloading photos with three taps then double can like their photo.

In some scenarios when you don’t like their photo, it will send them a notification. However, you will get to disable the double-tap option inside the app.

Privacy Settings: This is my other favorite feature. Here are the privacy settings that you are getting inside this app.

  1. Hide View Stories: don’t let anyone know that you have viewed their stories.
  2. Don’t Mark Messages as read: Turn off the tick so another person will not find out that you have viewed their message.
  3. Live Ghost mode: Don’t let anyone know that you have joined live covo.
  4. Hide Typing: Another cool feature that you can use if you have slow typing. That person will think that you are busy instead of judging you by typing speed.

Download settings: You can also customize the download. If you go Instapro settings→Download settings then you can control a lot of things.

For example, you can split downloads by username. You can also change the default download directory.

Instagram pro mod apk download

Long Tap To Zoom: Another cool feature of this app is you can tap on pictures to view them in full size.

Cons of Instagram Pro APK

There are some limitations of this app as well. The biggest limitation is updating. When Instagram enrolls a new feature most probably you will get inside this app.

You have to go back to the original app. it’s a developer who can take some time to update the app.

Except for this, I have also found that dark doesn’t work properly. Cards available at bottom of the screen don’t turn into black color.


Q1: is this app available for iPhone?

Ans: No, this app is only available for android

Q2: Is this app safe to use?

Ans: You already have youtube, Facebook, and WhatsApp installed on your phone. These apps are much danger than a third-party moded app.

If you care about privacy then use iPhone or keypad phone.

Q3: Do I need to uninstall original

Ans: No, you don’t need to uninstall the original app

Final Words:

Definitely, you got a lot of features in the Instagram mod APK or Instagram diamond apk that you are not getting in the original app.

Almost every other person wants these features. I personally use the Instagram mod for two reasons.

  1. Download photos/videos
  2. Disable ads

Anyway, I hope you got value from this article. If you have any questions or queries then let me know in the comment section. 

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