Free Netflix Accounts: 5 Methods (100% Working)

Hello there, everyone! If you are searching for a free Netflix account, then you’ve come to the right site. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to get a premium Netflix account. Because of the growth in the issue of covid 19, top streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime have become immensely popular. 

Netflix, on the other hand, is a well-known leader when it comes to streaming platforms with a large collection of movies and web series. A lot of people constantly watch Netflix Shows that are available online on the Netflix Account given the large selection of Shows and web Series. 

However, due to its expensive membership price, many people are unable to watch the Netflix Web series, so they try to acquire the Accounts for free.

But they don’t understand the easiest and quickest methods to obtain a free Netflix account. In this article, we will address all of your account issues, so without further delay, let’s get started.

But first, let me brief you on a few features and benefits that Netflix has to over:

  1. Unique content – Netflix has millions of subscribers thanks to its hundreds of original editions. It has won Emmys, Academy Awards, Grammys, and Golden Globes for its content.
  2. Stream to many devices at the same time – Users may watch on up to four gadgets once they subscribe to the premium subscription.
  3. Content can be downloaded – To avoid wasting data, you may download material to any registered device. There are restrictions on what you may download, but most of them expire after seven days and can only be played on the device from which they were downloaded.
  4. The video quality is excellent – The Premium package includes 4K material, guaranteeing a better viewing experience.
  5. There are several profiles to choose from – To store all of your favorite shows in one location, create as many profiles as you need. It also tailors its recommendations and content to your preferences. With various levels of parental controls and watch history, it’s also a simple method to keep track of what your kids are watching.
  6. Accessibility features are included – Subtitles and closed captions are available on Netflix, as well as dubbed material, audio explanations, and more.

Here are the working ways to get FREE Netflix account.

Using Accountbot (Recommended)

You must be wondering what is accountbot, basically, this is a website. Here you can purchase premium accounts such as Netflix, Spotify, Disney plus, etc at a very affordable price.

If you are a normal human being then there should be two questions in your mind. First It isn’t free. I know but believe me, this is the best method to get a free Netflix account. Trust me, dude. I have wasted so many hours.

Now you thinking does this even work. YES, it does work. I will share the proof with you as well. However, before that let me share how to get an order Netflix account from accountbot.

First, visit accountbot website by clicking here. It will show you something like this.

accountbot website

Now you want to create an account by clicking on the register from left sidebar.

create account on accountbot

Once your account is created then go to explore and choose Netflix.

Now you have to choose the plan and time period. Here I will select the cheapest plan because I’m buying it again to just show you. (Sorry I forget to tell you that I don’t use Netflix)

I will recommend going with a 1-year plan. Once you selected the plan then click on the purchase.

Make the payment. There are multiple methods available to make payment.

Netflix on accountbot

Enter your credentials and make the payment.

funny gif

Once you made the payment you will see page like this.

netflix orders

Either click on the i button or go to and select Hulu. Whatever method you have chosen it will show a page without login details. When you click on the Generate account. It will generate an account similar to the following screenshot.

Now go to and click on sign in. Enter the details that you got from the accountbot. On successful login, it will ask for the profile as shown in the screenshot.


Here is the collage of screenshots. One is from the accountbot and the second is Netflix settings. As you can see the email address is the same in both, that’s because accountbot provided user details are working.

Netflix account username & Password

Here are the working Netflix accounts. Some people change the password. So make sure you try all of them.

And for god’s sake don’t change the password. This isn’t my account. The person who belongs to this account will eventually contact Netflix then team will help them because he is paying money.

[email protected]Kryptonite88
[email protected]redskins81
[email protected][email protected]
[email protected]Julia619
[email protected]wolfman1501
[email protected]jewfish1
[email protected]5Mentario
[email protected]Ilovedogs3
[email protected][email protected]
[email protected]Gaby3112001
[email protected]David1812!
[email protected]MASTERspy1!
[email protected]Wolfout28
[email protected]Kawaninja250
[email protected]taurus59
[email protected]Familyof4
[email protected]darla1017
[email protected]beeps211
[email protected]navfam2000
[email protected]19Cohen14

What you think I will share working accounts with you?

Off curse not, actually I have shared working accounts so many times. Every time I don’t why the account stop working.

Either netflix takes action and block the account or some stupid smart person change the password.

Maybe that person finds out that his account is hacked, he changes the password email or both.

Moral of the story, it was a prank that you will get working account.

funny gif

I told you in the starting that I will be honest with you. But don’t get disappointed keep reading, other methods are working fine.

Sharing Account 

If you are not satisfied with the 30-days free trial plan, Then you can share an account with your friend, neighbor, or relatives to enjoy Netflix. 

In this case, you can buy a stranded or premium plan for yourself. After that, you can share a stranded plan with another person or a premium with 3 other persons.

In this way, you have to pay only half in the stranded plan & 4th of the premium plan. Also, it is a legal way to get a Netflix account at a very low price with high-end features.

Mod Apk (Tea-TV)

There are several Netflix mod APKs available for android & desktop. If you want a totally free Netflix account. Then these apps are the best for you.

But, I didn’t recommend using these apps on any of your devices. Because these all are third-party apps, that can damage your mobile phone or desktop. As well, steal your personal information from your device.

But if you are ready to take a risk, Then I suggest you the only application that I personally use on mobile. 

TeaTV is one of the best applications to get all Netflix movies, web series, and shows for free. As well, it is easy to use. 

But the problem, I see with this application is, you have to download a special player to play Netflix content. Moreover, most movies and shows are unable to download. 

As well as, it shows you too many ads when you open the TeaTV application. On the other hand, It has one good feature that you can watch content in full high-quality. 

Watch & Download Movies & Web series on Web

If you just want to get Netflix content for free and ready to view lots of ads. Then you can download Netflix movies, web series, and shows from the web. 

There are only a few websites that provide you all movies, web series, and shows on Netflix. But most of the sites will redirect you to other ad sites. 

Here is the list of some websites that I tried for you. 

I Used this website to download the victorious web series. I used this website in May 2021. I almost downloaded 40 episodes of victorious. 

This website shows too many ads. Still you can download & watch a Netflix show on this website. 

If you want to download Netflix shows & web series, then it is an average website to watch & download shows. 

As I said average because the quality of shows & web series is not that good that we can watch on Netflix. 

This website is good for Netflix movies Because it provides an awesome movie collection. 

But it has the same problem as other movie websites have. It shows too many ads & redirects you to another ad’s website. 

If you can face too many ads & redirects, then it is only for providing an awesome movie collection. 

Which way is Best for you?

I tried every way that I write in this article, that’s why I get an idea which one is perfect for us. 

In my opinion, Netflix is the best platform not only because of its content as well because of its best server. 

Because of the average internet connection, It plays videos very smoothly. That’s why I recommend purchasing Netflix plans or buy their plans from the AccountBot website. 

Because I’m using a Netflix account that I get from the AccountBot website at 2.99$. And it is the best plan for everyone. Because it is cheap and gives us access to play 720p content on Netflix. 


We mention every single possible way to get a free Netflix account & content. As well, we give almost all the information about the method. 

In addition to that, We almost find out all the problems & advantages that you will get in every way. 

I hope that I provide enough information to get Netflix to account for free. Leave a comment on which method you will try after reading this article? 

So, we can give you much better content every time. We are here only to help you.

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