FM Whatsapp Old Version 2019 Apk (V 2.19) Free Download

Fmwhatsapp is one of the most famous moded versions of WhatsApp available on the internet. There are so many features that you can’t get in the original WhatsApp.

If you are looking for an fmwhatsapp old version then you are on the right page.

I don’t know the exact reason why you are looking for the old version of FM WhatsApp. Maybe you don’t like the new version or it gives you problems while daily use. Whatever it is, here you can find the old version of Fmwhatsapp that you can use on your Android phone without facing any problems.

You are not only getting an FMWhatsApp old version download link but you will also get a glimpse of its best features. I understand not everyone has time to read the entire article, If you are in a hurry just need a download link, then click on the following download button.

However, my suggestion is you go through the whole article.

Apk Details
File NameFM Whatsapp
File Size55 MB
Uploaded Date16-January-2021
Downloads 10+ Million

What is FMWhatsApp Exactly?

FMWhatsap is a moded version of the original WhatsApp. This version isn’t developed by the WhatsApp team.

It is developed by some independent Android developers for fun. They reverse engineer the code of WhatsApp and add a few features to it.

Features that you can’t get in the original WhatsApp such as status download, anti-delete, message scheduling, etc.

This APK is definitely much better than the original WhatsApp. Anyone who made the switch to FM WhatsApp doesn’t switch back to the original WhatsApp.

You Use Fm Whatsapp

As you know, FM Whatsapp is a third-party app that is not available on the play store. Google play store doesn’t allow any mode APK in the play store.

Fm WhatsApp is so much better than normal WhatsApp. Its features such as download WhatsApp status, copying text status, automating messages, Hide blue tick, etc make it the perfect choice for anyone who wants more than chat.

You can also lock a specific chat or hide it inside the logo. These are just a small number of features of FM WhatsApp. As I mentioned earlier that anyone who makes a switch to FM WhatsApp didn’t switch back original app.

If you also want these amazing features then you should try FM WhatsApp.

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How to Download and Install FM Whatsapp Old Version 2019 APK?

If you are downloading FM Whatsapp APK’s old version for the very first time, then it might be possible to face some issues. That’s why we created this post for you so you can easily download and install this version on your device. Follow the given steps to FM Whatsapp old version download & Install this application:

  • First of all, download the FM WhatsApp from the given link.
  • Then go to mobile settings and allow installation of 3rd party apps on your mobile by turning on unknown sources.
  • Now click on the Download APK and once the downloading is complete open the file.
  • Click on the “Install” button and launch the application by going to the App Menu.
  • Registered and log in with your mobile number.
  • After logging in, you can easily use this version of Whatsapp just like the original Whatsapp app.

Fm Whatsapp Old Version Features

1. Amazing interface

The interface of the FMWhatsapp is very similar to the Whatsapp Messager. But It provides extra options like dark mode, groups section, and Whatsapp flight mode on the home screen.

Dark mode changes your FMWhatsapp theme into a black theme. Moreover, the Groups section allows quick access to find your Whatsapp groups.

Fm whatsapp user interface

 Flight mode is just like the Airplane mode on the mobile phone. It put only your Whatsapp on the flight mode. You can use your internet on your mobile, but FMWhatsapp will not take the internet from your mobile phone, even on Whatsapp.

Plus button hides more features, and status hides the status download from the home screen As well. Otherwise, it is some as Original Whatsapp. 

2. Advanced Customization 

If you want to customize WhatsApp as you like from color to elements then you will live FM WhatsApp.

This app provides you options to customize the whole FM Whatsapp. In this customization, you can change colors, font family, background wallpaper, text color, etc. 

It gives access to changes in the colors of everything. You can try the different colors on the home screen to the conversation bars.

Fmwhatsapp user interface

Furthermore, FM WhatsApp provides tons of options to change the font family. Text color is also on the list of customization. 

Background wallpaper is now in the original Whatsapp. So, we can’t say it is impressive. But In 2019, it was a very color feature of Whatsapp.

That is not it. You change the whole look of the home screen as well. The header, row action, buttons, status color, and other things are included in the customization.

You can change the color of the home screen and choose one of the too many options. The status bar has this option as well. 

On the other hand, it gives you to customize every button you have on your FMWhatsapp. After that, several things to tell, But I think enough for the customization.

Other Features

This application is fully loaded with unique features. First of all, I want to talk about the Status Download feature. With this feature, you can download the status of your friends with just one click.

Fm whatsapp user interface

On top of that, you can send almost 30 images at a one-time and 5 minutes-long video upload on status in one click. The image and video quality didn’t lose the details when you send someone or upload on the Whatsapp status.

Anti-delete is a game-changer feature. Because, with this feature, you can see delete a message, or status, and display a picture. 

Hide FMWhatsapp media from the phone gallery. If you don’t want to delete photos and save them in the FMWhatsapp, they didn’t see it in the mobile phone gallery. Contact images while Chatting in Groups as well. 

1. Privacy and security 

FMWhatsapp allows you to hide blue ticks, typing, and a microphone from your contacts. When you turn on this feature, Nobody can know whether you read their message or not. Even they didn’t see typing under the name.  

Disable the Forward tag from your Forward messages. This option removes the forward tick from the message you send someone.

Fm whatsapp user interface

Furthermore, it gives extensive privacy options like you can see someone’s status without letting them know. You can hide your personal conversions in your FM old version and secure your conversation by locking with a pattern lock. 

Not only your conversation, but you can also lock your FMWhatsapp with a pattern lock or pin lock.

2. User experience

After that, you can easily guess that features make your Whatsapp experience incredible. Moreover, shortcuts make it next-level Whatsapp.

Now, your think FMWhatsapp is a much better option than the original Whatsapp. Yes, it is true. But only in the extra feature that this Whatsapp provides.

FMWhatsapp is a little bit slower compared to Whatsapp messages. On the other side, Whatsapp messager Starting banned moded WhatsApp, So they possibly get banned too.

All risk that comes with FMWhatsapp, which I tell in detail in the previous paragraph. If you want to read in detail, you must read the Things That You Need To Know About The FMWhatsapp paragraph.

Why are people switching to the old version 2019 of FM WhatsApp?

FMWhatsapp is regularly giving updates to its FMWhatsapp application to improve user experience and features. But they make their app more complicated for most people. 

That’s Why you are here to download the 2019 old version of FMWhatsapp. It doesn’t mean that the new version of FMWhatsapp is not good. But for some people, and for some, it doesn’t.

They make their app more complicated. So, most users don’t know to use it properly. In addition to that, too many functions make this application slower compared to the previous versions.

When you open the 2021 version FMWhatsapp, you can see too many things on the home screen and useless features. It does not look like a Whatsapp. It is like a combination of all apps. That looks worst.

That is the reason people want the 2019 old version of FMWhatsapp.

Should you switch to FMWhatsApp’s old version or not?

It’s hard to say because it comes from personal preference. If you are a person who loves too many things on your WhatsApp home screen, then the 2021 version is the perfect choice for you.

If you are not that type of person, you must switch to FMWhatsapp, the 2019old version, because you can get a similar interface to the original Whatsapp and some extra useful features.

On the other side, you can get the same speed as your FMWhatsapp old version that you used in the previous versions. Also, you will see the older interface of your WhatsApp that you can use easily. 

My opinion on the new version of FMWhatsapp?

I am not a big fan of moded Whatsapp. Because of security reasons. But all my friends have FMWhatsapp on their mobile phones. But loves the features that they provide on their Whatsapp.

When I saw the new version of FMWhatsapp on one of my friends’ phones, I didn’t feel it was Whatsapp because the whole home screen of Whatsapp covers useless things.

On top of that, My friends tell me this version is slower and more complicated than the previous versions.

In my opinion, It is worth it to switch to the older version because it feels like we are using Whatsapp, not any third-grade app. They have already switched to the old version. Now it’s your turn. 

I hope I provide useful information to you. Clear your doubts about the FMWhatsapp new and the 2019 old version if you have any questions & queries related to this topic. Please leave your question in the comment section.

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