How To Download Instagram Private Stories/Photos & Videos

There are 1 billion active Instagram users. The main reason behind Instagram success is its images filters. It makes photos so much better when you upload on this platform

Another reason for success if privacy. However, if you want to break someone’s privacy by download private stories then you are on the right page.

Here you will learn how to download Instagram private stories. It doesn’t matter which device you are using, Pc, Android, or iPhone.

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Story Downloader App (Andriod Users)

This app is very easy to use and the best to download Instagram stories, images & videos. Moreover, you can download from any private accounts.

With this app, you can save all stories which are saved in the profile. But only you can’t download a profile picture with this app. If you want to download a profile picture then scroll down and read about Instagram profile download.

You can’t find this app from the play store Because recently it is removed from the Android play store. So, you need to download this app from the given download button.

story downloader

How To Use Story Downloader

  • First, download this app from the download button
  • Install in your android mobile phone
  • Login with your Instagram account
  • Search profile where you want to download image, Story, or video
  • Click on the image or video
  • Click on the download ( which center on the top)

Note: To download multiple photos or videos just open profiles and click on the download icon ( up-right side). Select pictures that you want and press the download ( down in center)

Now your photo, video, or story is saved on your mobile phone. You can check the location from the settings.

Download Private Stories on iPhone

There is no specific app for downloading stories on iPhones. However, you can take screenshots.

Press the side button + volume up to take a screenshot. Don’t forget to crop the image once you take a screenshot.

instagram story download on iPhone

If you want to download a video then you can record the video. There is built-in video recorder inside iPhone. If you haven’t enabled it then go to the Settings→Control centre and drag & drop Screen Recording.

Screen Recorder in iPhone

If you want to download private photos & Videos from the profile then you can use instake.

Generally, I don’t see apps in the app store that can download status, stories from Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook.

Instake is 100% free. You need to log in with your Instagram before inside the instake to download photos & videos.

Download Instagram Private Stories Using Web

There is no specific app made for iPhone. So either you can record using screen recorder you can download using these sites.

Sometimes we don’t want to download apps to download Instagram photos & videos. So we can use sites to download images & videos from Instagram.

If you don’t know about sites or the best site to download Instagram Posts & stories. Don’t worry we here to help you.

We found the best site to download photos from Instagram, Why it is best? Because it is very fast and easy to use, As well as you don’t need to log in to your Instagram account.

How To Use This Site

  • Open Instagram on your mobile phone/ Desktop
  • Open video or photo and copy the link of the post
  • Click on the download button
  • After that, it will open your image or video in the new tab
  • Now, you can see the download button blew your video or picture
  • Click on the download button to download

It will open the image in the new tab. So, you just need to click hold on the image and save it where you want to save.

How To Use This Site As An App

Android Users

  • Select “ Add to home screen”
  • Give any name and click on Add

In the given screenshot you can see the Instadownloader icon on the home screen. So, you can access this tool with the help of this icon. In this case, you don’t need to download any third-party app to download images and videos from Instagram.

IPhone Users

  • Open Site in your iPhone browser
  • Click on the Share button in the safari
  • Select “ Add to home screen”
  • Give any name and click on Add

Download Instagram Photos, Videos & Stories

If you aren’t an android user then there are several websites that you can use to download Instagram private stories.

Insta-Stories is one of the most famous websites for download insta photos, videos and insta stories from any profile without login. This is the best way to get all things just in a few clicks and without installing any app.

But this website has only one problem: you can’t download pictures, videos and stories of any private account. But if you want to download any personal accounts data.

The blew given paragraph will help you in this case. In the next section, you can see full information about the site that will help you download videos and pictures from any private account.

Easy Way To Use Insta-Stories

  • Click on the right profile
  • Scroll down and click on the download button


I hope your all doubts are clear about Instagram pictures, videos, and stories download. I give three methods to download data from Instagram. All ways are simple and easy to use.

If you still have any issues, suggestions or questions, then you can tell us in the comment section we will reply as soon as possible

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