Crunchyroll Free Premium Accounts 2024– 100% Working

Anime movies and shows are top-rated all over the world. Most people love to watch anime content compared to movies and tv shows.

But where can we find all this anime content? If you are a fan of anime content, then you must have heard about Crunchyroll. 

Crunchyroll is the best option for anime lovers. Because on this platform you can find almost all anime shows and movies.

But you need a Crunchyroll Premium account to get access to all anime movies & shows. If by any chance you are looking for the Free Crunchyroll premium account. This article is the perfect place for you.

In this article, we will tell you everything that you need to know about Crunchyroll.

We will talk about Crunchyroll, a Free trial of Crunchyroll, and methods to get a free Crunchyroll Premium account & will also give Free premium accounts of Crunchyroll. 

Let’s see what Crunchyroll is all about.

Crunchyroll Free Premium Accounts

What is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is a leading video streaming platform for anime lovers because this has a massive collection of anime shows & movies.

This platform not only provides anime movies & shows instead you can stream manga, drama, music, and much more on Crunchyroll.

It has 30K+ anime movies & shows on it. On top of that, it has over 35 Million active users.

This platform has almost all content related to anime related. But you need a premium account on Crunchyroll to access it.

Crunchyroll: You Need To Know

A graduate student group started the Crunchyroll company at the University of California, Berkeley in 2006.

The company faced some copyright issues in the starting years, and the company saw ups and down in the starting period.

But bypassing the time, the company solved all problems that they had in their company. 

After that, they found investors and started to focus on making Crunchyroll the best streaming platform.

In the end, they got successful. Now, this is the no.1 anime content platform all over the world.

Crunchyroll: Premium Plans

They have two main plans according to the customer’s requirement. The third plan is just a package of 1-year subscription with 33% off.

First plan: This plan provides basic features at a price of 5.99/month. They call it a FAN plan for their customers.

Second plan: The best features of Crunchyroll you will get at the cost 9.99$ per month. They call it the MEGA-FAN Plan for their users.

Third plan: In 79.99$, you will get all Mega-Fan plan features for the whole year. But in this plan, you save 16% of your penny every month.

Crunchyroll: Premium plans

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How To Get a Free Trial Of Crunchyroll Without Paying Any Money?

Yes, you can. That free trial provides you with features of the premium plan. But you need a credit card to fill in some required details.

Don’t worry about anything, because you can cancel their plan any time whenever you want to remove it. So, They didn’t take money from your account before the 14 days free trial.

Suppose you want to get a premium plan free for 14 days. Then follow the steps given below.

  • Visit the Crunchyroll free trial website
  • Click on the free trial that you want to enjoy.
  • After that, enter your Gmail & password to create an account
First Step for a free trial
  • Now, verify your Gmail from your Gmail section
  • Now, fill in your credit card details and click on the Start free trial
Last Step for Free trial

Now, you can experience the premium plan of Crunchyroll for 14 days.

Note: Before the free trial, you need to cancel your plan. If you didn’t do that they will take your plan cost from your bank account.

How To Cancel Crunchyroll Premium Free Trial?

If you want to save your money, then you need to cancel their free trial before the expiry date.

It is effortless to cancel the free trial of Crunchyroll. You need to follow the given steps.

  • Go to the Crunchyroll homepage, and log in with your Crunchyroll account. 
  • Go to the user profile & go to the account page.
  • On the top, you can see the cancel membership option. Just click on the cancel membership & remove your membership with Crunchyroll.

Now your money is saved. Now you don’t need to pay cash for any plan. If you want a Crunchyroll premium plan for longer, then keep reading to know the methods to get Crunchyroll Premium Accounts for free.

How To Get Crunchyroll Premium Accounts For Free?

There are several ways to get Crunchyroll Premium Accounts for Free. The below-given methods will help you to get a premium account for free. You don’t need to spend any penny on this.

All methods are in 100% working condition. Let’s look at the given steps. 

Method 1: Get a Free Crunchyroll Premium Account With Swagbucks

This website is a great website to earn money. You can make money by doing simple tasks & surveys on your mobile or desktop.

This website is free to start. So, what are you looking to start working on and money for your Crunchyroll Premium Account?

  • Go to Swagbucks & sign up with your Gmail
  • You will receive the confirmation email, Verify your Gmail
  • Fill up the given details 
  • After that, you will get the same tasks & surveys to complete
  • Get coins & points by completing the tasks. When you have enough coins or points
  • You can exchange with cash or gift cards
  • With that money, you can buy a Crunchyroll Premium account

Method 2 Accountbot Method is the website where you can get popular website accounts such as HBO, Netflix, Hulu, etc. at very affordable pricing. Here is the screenshot of Crunchyroll.

Accountbot Crunchyroll Details

I know that it is not the free method I promised. But trust me, this is my personal favorite and one of the most trusted methods which you can try.

Some of you probably think I was looking for something free. Then Spending a few bucks on the Account Bot is a much better option than other free methods.

The official pricing is $80 per year which is not affordable for everyone, what if you are getting the same at just $10? That too, without worrying about where to find the next account.

Instead of looking for some free methods (don’t worry! I have provided you with free methods later in this post.) you might waste some of your time as well. That’s the reason, the accountbot method is my personally recommended website.

Here is the step-by-step method to get Crunchyroll Premium, follow along with me, and use the same steps as I am showing you.

  1. Go to and click Register.
  1. Fill up all the information to create an account on
AccountBot Signup
  1. Once done, Go to explore (in the left menu) to check all the services available on AccountBot. Search and select Crunchyroll.
AccountBot Explore
  1. You will be shown the Crunchyroll Premium details page.
Accountbot Crunchyroll Details
  1. Select the plan which is suitable for you. Click on “Purchase

[Compare the pricing on the official site to get an idea. For a yearly plan, the official pricing is $79.99, which you are getting at $9.99 at, which is a whopping $70 OFFER.

Choose the plan which is suitable for you.]

Accountbot Crunchyroll Pricing
  1. You will be redirected to the payment options page. You are getting PayPal, PayTm, bitcoin, and many more payment options. Choose the one which is feasible for you.
Crunchyroll Payment Options
  1. You will get confirmation like this when you make payment.
Accountbot Crunchyroll Payment Successful
  1. Go to “Subscription” in the left menu. You will be shown all the accounts that you have purchased from AccountBot.
    Click on the latest “Crunchyroll” which you have purchased. Click on “Get Account
Crunchyroll Subscription
  1. You will be redirected to the account page of Crunchyroll. The account details will be blank as of now. Click on the “Generate” button to get the account details.
Crunchyroll Generate
  1. Crunchyroll Premium account details will be shown to you. Copy the login credentials to use. {P.S. I can’t show you the password for security purposes for sure. But I will show you a proof.}
Crunchyroll generated account
  1. Go to and enter the login credentials that you have copied from the AccountBot and log in to the Crunchyroll account.
Logging in to Crunchyroll
  1. You will be logged in to the Crunchyroll Premium Account. That’s it. ENJOY!
Crunchyroll Successfully Logged In


Here is the proof for you. The email ID that I have used in Crunchyroll and the ID given by AccountBot are the same.

Crunchyroll Premium Proof

In some rare cases, the account might not be working, or it might give you some error message. You can just click on the replace button provided on the account page.

I have been using this for more than three months and haven’t got this issue more than once.

Isn’t that super easy? Give it a try by yourself now.

There are a few more methods that you can try to get the Crunchyroll Premium account. The methods that I am going to show you are free methods where you don’t have to pay.

I have got a few methods and all of them work. In some cases, the chances are less but you can get that by putting in some extra effort.

Method 3: Get a Free Crunchyroll Premium Account With InboxDollars

This website is very similar to Swagbucks. But on this website, you don’t need to earn coins & points.

You will get redirected cash by completing the tasks. Furthermore, you will 5$ as a bonus.

Steps to sign-up in InboxDollars

  • Go to InboxDollars homepage
  • Sign up with your Gmail in the green box
  • Verify your Gmail
  • Fill in some important details
  • Now, you can get tasks to do
  • Do homework and earn money
  • When you have enough money. 
  • Then you can get Crunchyroll with that money.

Method 4: Get a Free Crunchyroll Premium Account With LifePoints

This website is also for earning money online. On this website, you need to complete surveys and earn Life points.

LifePoints can be converted into money. You can earn gift cards from this website as well. Follow the steps to join. 

  • Go to the LifePoints & click on the join button
  • Fill in the required details
  • When you finish the sign-up details
  • Then you can get work to do
  • Complete the given job and earn LifePoints
  • Change LifePoints with cash & buy a Crunchyroll Premium account

Method 5: Use The Given Free Crunchyroll Premium Accounts.

Note: If you want to use these accounts. Then don’t make any changes to your profile. Use your profile as it is given if you make any changes to your profile. Otherwise, you might face some issues while logging into Crunchyroll. Moreover, your account might be banned from the company.

Crunchyroll Free Premium Account Usernames or EmailsPasswords
[email protected]home7432766
[email protected]halflife2
[email protected]Hellcat92
[email protected]stubby12
[email protected]hardcore
[email protected]shaunboy
[email protected]bgr00123
[email protected]jeff1991
[email protected]123ewqasdcxz
[email protected]snowflake123
[email protected]coolhand1
[email protected]nevilleq
[email protected]kickass80
[email protected]hugshaq1
[email protected]aapaap1
[email protected]slipknot3
[email protected]alfalfa6
[email protected]halcon300
[email protected]Computador1
[email protected]caboose0
[email protected]guigui123
[email protected]eragon321
[email protected]1millie1
[email protected]v1rt4n3n
[email protected]novadata123
[email protected]busorenkin22
[email protected]jades139
[email protected]david508
[email protected]shubby44
[email protected]gunsaredumb123
[email protected]123qwe
[email protected]garcia123
[email protected]Mattman101
[email protected]ps3rules
[email protected]resident4
[email protected]adrian23
[email protected]motera10
[email protected]gir1030020
[email protected]F16HOJO7
[email protected]baseball20
[email protected]fatfish888
[email protected]christopher05
[email protected]number23
[email protected]wwfdude212
[email protected]reddog04
[email protected]nip2008

Method 6: Using Torrent

I know torrent is illegal in many countries, But torrents can run with the help of a VPN. Almost everyone uses a torrent using VPN and downloads where they want.

If you don’t know about torrents, torrent is like the internet from where you can find almost everything that you want for free.

The government bans the internet in many countries, to use torrents on your device. Full fill in the required things and follow the given steps.

To Use Torrent-Required Things 

  • VPN: It is a must because the government has banned the torrent
  • Device to use the internet: phone android, ios, pc, etc.
  • utorrent software: to download torrent files.

Steps To Use Torrent

  • First, use VPN to open torrent websites
  • Visit the torrent website and search for movies/series, want to download
  • Click on the magnet torrent link 
  • it will automatically start downloading movies/shows in torrent

Let’s Jump Into Action

First of all, visit any torrent websites, there are several websites available to use torrent. But I personally use the given websites.

  3. extratorrent: Visit this page for extratorrent.

These are the search engine of the torrent, from where you can search for anything that you want to download. Here is the screen of the torrent website.

On this website, you can see a huge search bar, where you can type what where you want to download. 

Because this website provides movies, shows, applications, software, games, etc.

Just enter any movie/series name to find your stuff, and select from the given options. 

After that, you can see the magnet option on the download page, as you can see in the given screenshot. Click on the magnet option.

It will open torrent and start downloading your movie/series. The speed of downloading will depend on how many people are downloading the same stuff. 

I know it sounds weird, but torrent work like that. Also, don’t forget to close the torrent because it needs to close from its menu option. 

Also, turn off the VPN service after using the downloading starts in torrent.

Method 7: Using Telegram

Telegram is messaging app just like WhatsApp. On the telegram you can so many peoples that sells other websites accounts.

Whether you want Netflix, Disney Plus, or any else account you can sell on this platform. Now the question is how you can find sellers.

You have to join groups that you can find on the internet. Just make sure you don’t purchase anything from anyone.

First, see their activity in the group only then decide whether you want to purchase or not.

I’m not sure about Crunchyroll Premium. I have seen plenty of people selling Netflix accounts. I guess if you contact them they can also provide you with Crunchyroll accounts.

No doubt, Accountbot is a much better option. They provide you with after-sales support, replace accounts free and etc.

I will recommend going with accountbot instead of trusting an unknown person that will take hours to find.

However, if you found someone then you can get an account at an even cheaper price.

FAQ: Related To Free Crunchyroll Premium Account

Q.1: Can I get Crunchyroll Premium for free?

Ans: Yes, you can get a free Crunchyroll Premium account for 14 days. With the free trial of Crunchyroll. You don’t need to pay any penny for this. Read the above paragraph for more detail.

Q.2: Is Crunchyroll Premium worth it 2024?

Ans: It is on you if you are a fan of anime movies or love to watch anime content. Then this is the best one for you. If you are not that type then you go for the other options like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and many more.

Q.3: Can I share Crunchyroll Premium?

Ans: if you have MEGA-FAN Plan, then you can share your premium plan with the other three people. But if you have only a FAN Plan, then you can’t share your plan with others.

Q.4: What is included in the Crunchyroll premium plan?

Ans: In the premium plan, you can get no-ads, Unlimited access to the Crunchyroll library, New episodes one hour after Japan, and Access to digital manga in all plans. But you can get Stream on one device at a time in the fan plan. On the other hand, In MEGA-FAN Plan, you can stream on four devices at the same time. Offline viewing features are available in MEGA-FAN Plan as well.

Q.5: How do I get a free Crunchyroll Premium Account?

Ans: You can get this by applying the given methods or using provided accounts. 

Q.6: Is Crunchyroll Premium free?

Ans: NO, you can get 14 Days free trial. However, if you utilize the above tricks & tips to get a free Crunchyroll Premium Account then you succeed.

Q.7: Is Crunchyroll Premium free with Amazon Prime?

Ans: No, Crunchyroll Premium is not free with Amazon Prime.

Q.8: Can I watch Crunchyroll for free?

Ans: Yes, you can. You can watch Crunchyroll with their free trial for 14 days only.


All the given methods work 100%. It’s on you which method you use and applies to get a Free Crunchyroll Premium account.

I hope all the above information is useful to you. If you are facing any problem with these methods or any other issue you can leave a comment regarding that. 

We will reply to your comment within 24 Hours. If everything is fine, then please share this article with your friends. It will be appreciated. 

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