Photo Vibrance Alternative [currentyear]

Chances are high that you are amazed by photovibrance cool effects that’s why you are looking for an alternative solution.

It is one of the cool software to bring motion to images. if you have seen this technology first time then let me tell you it is not a new thing.

There are several tools available in marketing that can do the same. Here is the list of them.

Photo Mirage

As long as I know it is the first software that can bring motion to images. Its functionality is similar to photovibrance.

Looks like Vidello copied their idea. Anyway, the photo Mirage lifetime deal will cost you $69 (no upsell). It comes with 30 days money-back guarantee.

Here is the cool part, You will get a 15-day free trial. You can also find the crack version with full features using Google.

Here are some examples of what photo mirage can do.

However, you can’t make 3D photos using photo mirage. You can only add motion to your photos.


designbeast launched a few months after the photovibrance. It is graphic design too like canva with pretty basic features.

However, besides designing graphics you can also add motion to your photos. Although its functionality is pretty simple but if you are looking for a graphics design tool + motion to pictures then try this one

Here is exported result from designbeat

StoryZ Photo Video Maker

If you are a phone user then and prefer an app instead of a cloud-based solution then try Storyz app.

it is available for android & iPhone users. The app has an above than 4+ ratings on both android & App Store.

There are over 5 million downloads on the google play store.


Another app for android users. Pixamotion also has 5 million active installs and 4+ ratings in the play store.

Except motion you can also add overlays, camera FX, Geometric effects to your photos. The bottom line is another app that is worth trying.

Similar to the photo vibrance you need to add points where you want to add motion and areas that you want to keep constant.

After that, it will transform your photo into a moving video.

Similar to Storyz there is no cloud-based solution. You need to install the app.


This is another app however it will not add motion to your photos. This app can be used for making your photos into 3D photos.

There are many alternatives available that can add motion to static photos however I found only one app for making 3D photos.

There is so many solutions available online however none of them is good enough like photo vibrance.

However, the Lucidpix app is pretty good. If 3D photos is your criteria then try this app

Final Words

There are many solutions available for adding motion to photos. However, transforming your photos into 3D photos is a bit new.

There aren’t a lot of tools that can do it automatically. Anyway, I hope you got value from this article if you have any questions or query then let me know by the comment section.

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