Yo Whatsapp APK Old Version Download

Whatsapp moded versions just changed the whatsapp experience. There are so many features that we can’t get in the original whatsapp.

If you are looking for an old version of yo Whatsapp which is a very famous moded version then you are on the right page. Here I will share an old version of yo WhatsApp.

I don’t know exactly the reason why you are looking for the old version. Generally, people want to use the old version for any of the following reasons.

  1. You miss any feature
  2. You don’t like it
  3. It become slow on your phone
  4. Anything else

Yo Whatsapp Old Version Download

We have tested all the previous version of yo WhatsApp. Not all old versions work in 2021. They display the following error.

yo WhatsApp date error

Luckily, there is one old version that still works fine with all android phones.

I know people are busy not everybody has the time to read the article. Some people just want to download the link.

The download link is given below. However, I will recommend you to read the entire article to get information about all features of yo WhatsApp.

App nameYo whatsapp
Size44.3 MB

Yo Whatsapp Installation

First of all, take the chat backup if you want to get all messages inside the yo WhatsApp that are available in the original WhatsApp.

You can take backup by going to WhatsApp→Settings→Chat→Chat backup and then click on backup.

Now open the APK that you downloaded from the above button. If the installation is blocked from unknown sources then you need to enable it from settings.

Once the installation is complete it will show you something like this.


Open the app, it will show you something similar the whatsapp as shown in the screenshot.

yo whatsapp installation

If you want to restore your chats then move your backup from original whatsapp to the /sdcard/Yowhatsapp then click on RESTORE.

I will choose to Agree and Continue. On the next screen, it will mobile number for creating a WhatsApp account. Type your number and allow permissions.

Then it will send a message for verification. Once done you will see something similar to WhatsApp. You just have 4 tabs.

yo WhatsApp home screen

Yo Whatsapp Best Features

Yo WhatsApp is full of features. Here I will write about the best features that can help you while using this yo version.

1. Send Message to Number: It is not necessary to save the WhatsApp number before sending a message. Just click on the 3 dot menu then choose to Message a number. Type your message then you can call or send the message.

Privacy & Security: Open 3 dot menu→ FMMods→Privacy & Security. Here you will find out the best privacy features such as Freeze last Seen, Hide View Status, Anti-Delete Status, Blue Tick after reply, etc.

yo WhatsApp privacy features

I highly recommend you to turn on Freeze the last screen that way your contacts will not found that you are online. Bluetick after the reply is also helpful when you don’t want to know your contacts that you have read his her message.

FMThemes: If you don’t like whatsapp default design anymore then you change it completely to something unique. FM Themes can found just blow then Privacy & Security Settings in FMMods.

In the following screenshot I have applied a theme on whatsapp.

yo whatsapp

Customize layout: If you want to customize everything by your own then you can also do this inside the yo whatsapp. You can customize conversation window, home screen window etc you want.

Not only you can change colors, you can also hide some things, use gradient color and so many other things. Here is the screenshot where I have not only changed the color but I have also change the conversation entry style and hide the status and call button.

yo whatsapp

Voice Changer: Imagine you can send voice messages in kid, teenager, robot, etc voice. There is a built-in feature inside Yo WhatsApp to change voice style.

It can be helpful if you want to do prank with your friend or girlfriend.

Custom Privacy for specific Contacts: Privacy & Security Settings will apply to all of your contacts. What if you want to apply specific settings to specific contact only. You can do this inside the yo whatsapp.

Just open that person’s profile and turn on the Custom Privacy. It will ask you what kind of privacy you want to apply

  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Hide second tick
  • Hide blue microphone
  • Hide typing…
  • Hide recording…
  • Hide View status
  • Anti-delete Messages
Yo whatsapp features

Hide Chat: Last but not least is hide chat. Just click on the Yo WhatsApp. It will ask you to set a pattern. Once you draw the pattern, then select the chat that you want to hide. After selecting click on the 3 dot menu and choose Hide chat.

Hide chat in yo whatsapp

It will ask for the pattern again. For viewing click on yowhatsapp and enter the

When you want to Unhide the chat open hidden chats by clicking on the yowhatsapp and then select chat and click on the unhide button


Is Yo Whatsapp Better Than Original WhatsApp?

Yes, it clearly is better than original whatsapp.

Does using Yo whatsapp is Safe?

It is safe however I will not recommend it using for payments. Still another party is involved in his.

Will I get updates?

Yes, you will receive updates notification

My questions is not answered

Drop in the comment section.

Final Words

I hope you got value from this article and downloaded the yo WhatsApp. If you have any other questions regarding yo WhatsApp then let me know by the comment section. I will happy to help you.

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