How to Increase JPEG File Size and Resolution – 6 Best Ways

There are a lot of methods to edit JPEG file formats. You can use various online tools to increase image size. Here, we will discuss how to increase JPEG file size and resolution in the 6 best ways. In this modern era, everyone wants to keep a balance between file size and resolution. There are two types of image resolution which are high-resolution, and low-resolution. High resolution has a maximum number of pixels, and low resolution has a minimum number of pixels. However, JPEG is the most popular format and compresses the data of an Image with HD quality. This file format contains fewer MBs and allows you to share it online without any hurdles. 

Top 6 Free Ways to Increase JPEG File Size

Following are the Free Ways to increase size of image in JPEG format.

  1. image converter

A image converter is an online tool that increase size of image into a suitable range of devices. This tool allows you to upload multiple pictures and increase their size at a time. It offers you the ability to resize images in any format and decompress JPEG by entering the exact pixel dimensions you want to export. You just have to open a browser and search for the image converter. Select the file and set the pixel length and width. Click on the “Convert” button. Once the process is complete, download your compressed image or save it on your device. 

  1. Online JPEG tools

The online JPEG tool offers editing features to increase jpeg file size online. All online tools have the same user-friendly interface. If you don’t know how to use this tool, you can use it without any hurdles. It allows you to convert, resize, and increase jpeg file size online without affecting its quality. 

  1. JPEG optimizer

JPEG Optimizer is a free tool that contains many features for editing, resizing, rotation, and cropping. This tool supports a lot of formats for jpeg size increase. You just have to open its web-based application and select a file. Set the file format and pixels for conversion and hit the “Convert” option. After conversion, download the image to your device. 

  1. Resize image 

Resize Image is the best online tool to resize images for free. It allows you to increase JPEG file size and resolution without affecting its quality. It supports all devices and operating systems. This tool has a clean user interface with minimal ads. It allows you to compress images easily and download them in any format. 

  1. ImageDiamond Image Enlarger

In this digital era, it’s difficult to maintain a balance between image size and resolution. But the Online Image Enlarger tool makes it easy. It is a free web-based tool that offers you to jpeg size increase in high quality and download it in any format. You can use this tool to Increase JPEG File Size and resolution without any hurdles because it has a user-friendly interface with some ads. This Image Size Increaser offers fast processing due to high-performance servers. 

  1. Simple Image Resizer 

Simple Image Resizer is a fast, free online tool to resize image sizes. You can use this tool without affecting image quality. This tool has a user-friendly interface that allows you to access it on all devices. You have to open its website and upload the images that you want in compressed form. Hit the “Convert” button. Once the process is completed and downloads the image on your device. 

Best Image Size Increaser to Increase JPEG File Size and Resolution

Considering that, you want to jpeg file size increase without affecting image quality. An image diamond is best for this purpose. You can use this tool to enlarge images in a few seconds. This Image size increaser offers you the ability to download your image in multiple formats. It is a free and efficient web-based tool. You don’t need to have special knowledge before using it.  


Image quality and size are important for everyone. When you have to display and share an image on the internet, you need to resize the picture to fit it on the user’s screen. We discussed the top 6 free ways to increase JPEG file size here. One of the best tools to increase image size is the ImageDiamond image enlarger. You can use this free, fast, and efficient web-based tool. 

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