How to Increase Resolution of Image without Photoshop & Online Free

Today we will discuss some effective online free tools that will help you to Increase Resolution of Images without Photoshop. HD images play a vital role in all fields, whether it’s for professional or personal use. High-Resolution images attract the viewer more as compared to low-quality images. Photoshop is famous in this regard, and lots of people are utilizing this tool to enhance the resolution of their Images. But not everybody is familiar with its complex features. If you are searching for the simplest ways to increase the resolution of Images without using Photoshop, then no need to skim different articles because you have come to the perfect place.

Increase Resolution of Images

Dealing with low-quality images is challenging because they slow down a website and increase its bounce rate. The longer a site takes time to load, the greater the possibility that you will lose the visitor. High-Quality and optimized images attract more audiences to your website and help you get traffic. It is necessary to optimize the pictures on your website if you want to get ranked. Nowadays, It is simple to work on increasing the resolution of the images by using different web-based image resizing tools that are available for free.  

How to Increase Image Resolution Online Without Photoshop?

Images taken on mobile devices have low quality as compared to photos taken on HD digital cameras. But if you have no extra money to purchase an expensive camera or hire a photographer to capture catchy photographs for your website, then you can use free online tools to enhance the resolution of images.

Below are some simple steps to Increase Resolution of Images without Photoshop.

  • Open an image enhancement tool to Increase Resolution of Images in your browser.
  • Upload the image from your gallery that you want to upgrade.
  • Select the size format (height, width, and resolution) to upgrade your image resolution.
  • Download the new HD image and rename it according to your choice.

Top 3 Increase Image Resolution Online Tools

Increase Image Resolution Online

 You can use any of the following tools to enhance image quality of your website.    

  1. ImageDaimond Image Enlarger

ImageDiamond is the top Image Enlarger tool that can increase image size and enhance image quality without modifying the number of pixels. It’s a free web-based image size increaser tool that can Increase Resolution of Image Online in jpeg or jpg format photos. It has an understandable interface. You can optimize and enlarge images up to 10 Pictures at a time. You can also recover your edit within 24 hours with ImageDaimond Image Enlarger.


LetsEnhance is the top web-based image quality enhancer tool that lets you improve the resolution of Images. You can upscale and optimize your images for free. You can sharpen and enlarge images up to 4K resolution. This tool saves you time, works quickly, and can yield an edit within seconds. You can easily upscale your old photos, portraits, and logos using this tool. It has a user-friendly interface.


Fotor is an AI-supported photo enhancer that aids you in transforming your blurry photos into clear ones. This photo quality enhancer tool can increase image quality, enhance the elements, and clear the background of the shots. You can Increase Image Resolution Online up to 2K, 4K, or beyond. Its mobile application is also available. It is easy to use, and you can increase image quality effortlessly.     

Bottom Line 

HD Images are a pivotal part of any website; their optimization directly increases a user’s experience. Increase Image Resolution Online is no longer a challenge, and that is without going into the complexity of using Photoshop. We have discussed the top 3 web-based tools that can help you improve the resolution of your images without using Photoshop. In my opinion, image diamond is the best tool to enhance resolution of images.

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