GB Whatsapp Stickers (GBStickers) Free Download 2024

There is tough competition between the mode version of Whatsapp. Gbwhatsapp is the most famous moded version so far.

Whatsapp Plus was the first moded app. Gbwhatsapp builds-in features just crushed WhatsApp plus.

Gbwhatsapp developer also made GB stickers. An additional app for GB Whatsapp users. So GB WhatsApp users keep using it and other users also made the switch to GB WhatsApp Stickers download.

If you are searching for the GBStickers APK file, you are in the right place because you can find the GBSticker APK and some extra information about the GBStickers.

Let’s start with an in-depth introduction.

What are GBStickers?

GBStickers is a mobile application that provides a fantastic stickers collection for GBWhatsapp. The GBWhatsapp develops this app, and It is only made for GBWhatsapp users.

The interface of GBSticker is very straightforward. The home screen carries all categories and a setting button on the top right side with a share button. 

Some simple stickers can see below the name of the category. Add button is on the right side of the category bar to quickly load stickers to your GB Whatsapp stickers funny. 

As I said, GBWhatsapp is a modded copy of the original Whatsapp with some extra features. You can get an additional sticker to compare to the original one. Still, they want their app the best, so they introduce this Whatsapp Sticker application.

Apk Details
File NameGB Stickers
File Size57.7 MB
Uploaded Date29-January-2021
Downloads 7+ Million

What Types Of Stickers Do GB Stickers Have?

In GBStickers, you can see over 2500+ collections of stickers. All stickers are separated into different categories. 

From love to baby, you can find all kinds of stickers.

There are 65+ sections in GBSticker, and each section contains 20+ stickers that you can use on your GBWhatsapp. 


Every category has different stickers from another group. All stickers are very impressive, But some are amazing, like Elon Mask, Bruce Lee, Clash of Royales, and many more.

I think it is enough stickers to make the conversation more interesting. 

But that’s, not it. They introduce their new sticker maker application in the settings of GBStickers. 

Sticker Maker: Introduction

Sticker Maker is another application from the GB WhatsApp team. With the help of this application, you can make your personal Stickers.

In this application, you can make your personal stickers category for free. On top of that, you can create stickers within a few steps. For more information, visit their website.

Stickers maker
Stickers maker

If you want to try this application on your smartphone. Then you can download this application from the Download Button.

How to Add GBstickers in GBWhatsapp?

To add GBStickers in GBWhatsapp, you need to follow the given few steps.

  1. Download this application from the given download button.
  2. Open the application and add the sticker categories that you like.
  3. After that, you can see all those stickers in your GBWhatsapp stickers section.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get GBStickers On Whatsapp?

You can get GBSticker only on the GBWhatsapp. But if you want GBSticker on the original Whatsapp, then you can get it on Whatsapp. For the GBWhatsapp process given in the previous paragraph.

How do I make stickers on GBWhatsapp?

GBWhatsapp made a Sticker maker application that will help to create your stickers for your GBWhatsapp. You can download this application and make your sticker for GB WhatsApp.

Is GBWhatsapp Illegal?

No, GBWhatsapp is not Illegal. It is only an unofficial app.

How do I download stickers for GB Whatsapp?

I think, if you read this article, then you must find the answer to this question.

How do I get funny stickers on GBWhatsapp?

You don’t need to find anything else because you can find almost all types of stickers in this application for your GB WhatsApp.


GBWhatsapp makes two different applications for their platform. The first one comes with a 2500+ sticker, and the one provides a tool to make your personal sticker for your GBWhatsapp. 

Let’s come to the question, which one should you choose for your GBWhasapp? I think it’s on personal preference. If you want to premade stickers, then you can select the first one, GBStickers.

But if you want to make your own stickers for your GBWhatsapp, then you can download the Sticker Maker. So, that’s it. 

I hope I provide you with useful information about the GBStickers and sticker maker. If you have any questions related to the article, you can ask us in the comment section.

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