GB Whatsapp Apk Old Version Free Download

Almost everyone uses modded Whatsapp on their mobile phones because they provide us better features than the original one.

Most of the people are requesting the GB Whatsapp old version. On your demand, we are writing this article for you. 

We don’t know why people are requested for the older version of GB Whatsapp. But if you are looking for an Apk of GB Whatsapp old version.

Then this is the right place for you. This article gives you an old apk of GB Whatsapp and some vital information about it. 

Let’s come to the main point and start with the download link,

GB Whatsapp Old Version Apk Download

We tried almost every old version of GB Whatsapp. Not all versions are in the working conduction. 

Luckily, there is one old version that still works fine with all android phones.

We know that people just come to download the apk file not to read the article. But we recommend you to read the whole article.

Because this article provides, you with essential information about all GB Whatsapp features and guides you to install this old version of Whatsapp as well.

Apk Details
File NameGB Stickers
VersionV 1.23.01 (2019)
File Size44.4 MB
Uploaded Date17-January-2021
Downloads 4+ Million

The above link contains all GB WhatsApp old versions link

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GB Whatsapp Installation

Firstly, we recommend you take a backup of your chat that is available in the original Whatsapp if you want all your messages in your GB Whatsapp.

You can take backup by going to WhatsApp→Settings→Chat→Chat backup and then click on backup.

After taking the backup, download and install the GB Whatsapp from the given download button. If it shows unknown sources while installation then you have to enable it from the settings.

Once the installation is done, it will show a pop-up like this.

Click on the open button. It will display something similar to WhatsApp, as you can see in the screenshot.

It will ask for access to photos, media, and files of your mobile phone. You can choose to allow/deny to continue.

You can now restore your data by clicking on the RESTORE button if you have taken the backup from your original Whatsapp. Otherwise, you have the option of the AGREE AND CONTINUE button to go forward.

I will choose the second option because I don’t want my old chat on the GB Whatsapp. After that, type your mobile number in the input field.

Now, you will get a six-digit code on that number you entered before. After entering the code, type your name and click on the Next Button. 

Now your installation work has been completed. Let’s talk about the features that you will get in this Whatsapp in the following paragraphs.

GB Whatsapp Features List

GB Whatsapp has a massive list of features that will change the whole user exercise. Let’s begin the interface,

Interface: On the homepage, you can see four GB Whatsapp sections such as chats, groups, status, and calls. The Whatsapp logo, Whatsapp flight mode, dark/light mode, search button, and three lines cover the whole top area.

Whatsapp flight is the same as phone flight because when you turn it on then, only your GB Whatsapp will be on the flight mode.

The dark/light option provides two types of modes. One is dark, and the second one is light mode. Moreover, the search button helps to find anything from your GB Whatsapp.

As well, Three lines hide some excellent options in it, Such as Message a number, New broadcast, Starred messages, and many more.

Message a Number: With this option, you can send a message or call on any number that saves or not in your contact list.

Just click on the three lines and select the message a number option. Now, enter any number and select a message or call.

Privacy & Security: In this section, you get plenty of valuable features that make modded apps better than the original Whatsapp. 

The privacy & security section has two parts privacy and security. Privacy carries Hide online status, Privacy contacts, groups, broadcasts, custom, calls, chats, and status options.

The hide online status option helps you to hide your last seen. In privacy contact, group, broadcast in these options, you can hide blue tick, second tick, blue microphone, typing, and recording.

The call option gives you the advantage of choosing that who can call you or not. And the chats section provides disable forwarded and anti-delete messages. This section has shown a blue tick after the replay option as well.

The disable forwarded option allows you to re-send messages without the forwarded tag. Moreover, the Anti-delete messages feature provides that other people can’t delete messages for you.

In addition to that, The show blue tick after reply option shows a blue tick on the message after you reply to the person. 

The following section is the status section, Which has a hide view and anti-delete status feature. Hide view status is used to hide our view from other people’s status, and anti-delete shows the delete status. 

Now, the security part starts after this huge features list. The section provides a lot of Whatsapp locks for your Whatsapp with some other features like Change background lock wallpaper and enables/disables visibility & vibration of the passwords.

You have three types of lock for the GB Whatsapp and recovery question option, in case you forgot the password of the GB Whatsapp.

GB Themes: There is a massive list of themes in the GB theme store. You can pick any one of the themes and apply it on your GB Whatsapp.

As you can see in the screenshot, I applied one of the themes, and like this GB theme store has a vast list.

Furthermore, you have the option to load and restore the theme in your GB Whatsapp if you want more themes for your Whatsapp. 

But in my opinion, the GB store has enough themes to create a fabulous look for GB Whatsapp.

Customize Layout:  There are two types of screens that you can customize. The first is a home screen and the second one is a conversation screen.

 Let’s start with home screen customization.

On the home screen, you have a large number of options to change the whole layout of the homepage, such as Header, rows, floating action button, and status.

You can make changes in the Home UI style, stories style, Page title text, selected tab underline, tab background, unread message counter, unread counter text color, and many more on the Header.

The rows have home-style, swipe row text color, contact name color, mention indicator color, disable/enable online dot, disable/enable contact online & last seen, and many other settings.

The color options list is enormous for the floating action button. As well, it has more customizable options for buttons. Many color choices and many other customizable options are also available in the status section.

Let’s talk about the conversation screen customization options. There are five types of sections: action bar, bubble and ticks, pics, conversation entry style, more options, and many other options are available below these sections.

The action bar allows you to change color, hide the contact profile picture, contact name, and call button. Moreover, it also contains enable/disable contact status, changes the color contact status background, and many more options.

Bubble and ticks option has ticks style, bubbles style, message text size, and other features to change the color of things that come into the Bubble and ticks category.

In the Pics section, You can find chat contact pic, chat my pic, participant pic, chat my pic group, inside chat pic size, and picture placement feature.

The conversation entry style has 23 styles and a list of options to change the colour of anything on the conversation bar. And many more customized settings are available to customize the chat screen.

Best Features:  These features you can find only in the modded Whatsapps make them better than the original one.

You can download the status of any of your contacts, as well as you can see their delete status and messages. 

Moreover, you can download the profile pic from their number. In addition to that, you can see who is online by a pop-up and see their status on the top of the chat screen. 

Furthermore, you can upload or send video, images and gifs in high quality. Hide media and chat is also the best feature of modded Whatsapp. 

Final Words 

We try to mention every single feature of GB Whatsapp. But you better know that GBWhatsapp has a massive list of features. So, we write about the main feature of GB Whatsapp and give some in-depth information. 

I hope this information is enough for any user about the GB Whatsapp. But if you have any questions or suggestions, then you can ask us in the comment section. We are happy to help you.

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