Best Safe ROM Downloading Websites In [currentyear]

Are you looking for safe ROM sites to download GBA or other retro games? If yes, then you come to the right page.

Here I’m going to provide you a list of safe ROM sites that I have tested personally before writing.

Recently romsmania failed in your test. For windows users, while downloading ROMs, it shows an exe file instead of zip.

But romsmania is not the only one. There are several other sites as well. 

Safe ROMs Sites 

All the websites are mentioned after testing them. So you can trust on these sites to download ROMs.

In the testing, we first check the download file extension. It should be in zip format. Then one step further, we scanned the files by several antiviruses.

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This is the best site to download gaming ROMs. Its design is neat & clean. The library size is also big enough. It even allows users to play games online without downloading them.

The download file format was in zip format. We also scanned the zip file using several antiviruses. This website is 100% safe to use.

On top of that, its online play feature, clean navigation, makes it the best website to download ROMs.


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This is another trusted source to download games. Its design & navigation is similar to downloadroms. 

However, the downside is while downloading; it takes several seconds to start the process.

Because this is a new site, so its library is smaller. But shortly, you can find all kinds of games.

No doubt, you can find famous games of any console. Like the other side, emulators are available for downloading as well.



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Romsdownload is an old site. You may find it’s designed is similar to emuparadise.

The best reason for downloading ROMs by this website is NO ADS. Seriously I didn’t find any ads on this website.

But unlike emulatorgames, it doesn’t have a feature of play online.

But it is a trusted source to download games.



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Retrostic is next to your list. This website started last year. That’s why Its library is not big enough. It also miss playing online feature.

But you can request the site owner to add new games. One of the most awkward things about this site is navigation color.

Emulator Zone

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As its name suggests, this website is all about Emulators. You can no doubt download an emulator from the sites mentioned above, but this website is for you if you are looking for a super-specific emulator. 

Its design is similar to Emuparadise. You can find all console emulators such as GB, GBC, GBA, SAGA, NDS, MAME, SAGA, PlayStation, Xbox, etc.

The eye: This website is also safe to use. But the downside is its library size. The eye is not a games download site. This website is dedicated to archiving and serving publicly available information.

You can find some super-specific games on this site that you didn’t find publicly. 

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WowRoms: Surprisingly, this site is safe to download. Because its design is old school, I thought it would not be safe to use. But after downloading a couple of games, I found it is 100% secure to use. 

This website design can awkward, especially comparing with downloadroms.

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Gbahacks: This website is mainly famous for pokemon ROM hacks. If you are wondering about ROM hacks, basically some things in-game is changed. In modern language, crack games. 

GBA Hacks is the most significant source of pokemon ROM hacks. Its navigation is also well designed. 

While finding any game ROM hacks, you will find this site on the first page.

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Currently, these are sites that are safe to use. I know there are a ton of sites to download ROMs. But most of the websites are failed in our testing.

ROMs Sites That are not Recommended

Please note that the following sites are not safe, especially for Microsoft Windows users.

If you are going to download ROMs on android, it is perfectly normal in most cases. Some of the sites are not recommended because those are not in working condition.

Romsmania: As I mentioned earlier that this site offer exe file whole download ROMs. Roms file either should in the zip format or specific console. For example, .gba is an extension for the GBA games. 

Gamulator: This website is also not safe for windows users. Games download from this site is also in the exe format. That further detected as a virus by antivirus.

RomHustler: This site is not offering you any malware. While downloading games, It shows an error  “This is a ESA protected rom, download is disabled.”

It checked several ROMs; it always shows the same error while downloading games.

LoveROMs: This website is shutdown. But still, you can find outdated articles on the internet that recommend loveroms to download retro games.

Emuparadise: Last year’s website owner published this page. Where we mentioned that we are shutting down the website, the reason for that is companies are taking action against the website offer free download.

Coolrom: This website is also not recommended. Again the reason for that is malware.

Romulation: This website is safe to use, but it restricted the download of Gba, SNES ROMs. But you can download SDI, PlayStation, etc. ROMs.

DopeRoms: Once, this website was very famous. But it refused to connect. This website is also shutdown. 

RomsWorld: This website is also not working. For whatever reason it’s the owner did not renew the domain name. Now it is on sale.

Emulator.Games: This was also a very famous website back in 2018. But when they removed all the games download link. These days if you try to download anything, it will redirect you to the website.

Final Words

I hope you get some value for this article. If you have thought that I miss a website that is safe to use, then let me know by the comment section.

Also, let me know what you think about this article. Your feedback is important to us.

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