Is Romsmania Safe To Download Roms?

I play retro games on modern devices because I don’t like the ads in the game. I also don’t like a coin-based system. Where you can buy things instead of earning by playing.

Anyway, In this article, I will have few reason to not use Romsmania for downloading games roms. I have a list of better alternatives that you can use instead of romsmania.

Romsmania Isn't Safe? Try Its Alternative

Why RomsMania Isn’t Safe?

If you download roms to play on your android smartphone that’s perfectly safe. But it isn’t safe for windows users.

Whenever I try to download any game. It is in the exe format. Except for windows it is in the zip format.


exe is format for the computer program. It could software or malware. When the download is finished my antivirus detected it as malware

romsmania not safe

But I ignored that I turn off the antivirus & run the software. Basically it opens a dialogue box where It offers other software for installation before downloading the game.

At the end, you can download your game. Now I have several reasons for not using it.

  1. It takes extra time to download the Game ROM
  2. I may install the malware in the backend to steal your data.

That’s why you should use it’s alternative that are safe to use.

Alternative To ROMSMania that Are Safe to Use

Following alternatives are tested by our team and that are 100% safe to use.

DownloadRoms: This is the best website to download ROMs. Not only downloading you can also play the games online as well. It started in 2024. Within 2-3 months, it attracts 1 million users.


Download ROMs website design is also user friendly as you can see in the screenshot. Because it started in 2024, it doesn’t even it’s the library is short. This website has equally content like it’s alternatives.

Emulatorgames: This website design & navigation is similar to downloadroms. But still, download ROMs seems more premium. Anyway, I personally tested this website. It is also safe to use.


However, while downloading I have to wait for several seconds to start the download process.

Its library is short comparing to the download ROMs. But it’s the advantage is less number of ads. So if you easily got frustrated by ads then try this site.

Romsdownload: This is an old website. But it isn’t popular. Anyway, it does the job successfully. However, it doesn’t have play online feature. You can only download games.


While writing this article I didn’t find a single ad on this website. Multiple gaming ROMs for example GBA, SNES, NDA, GBC, N64, etc are available on this site.

Romsget: Another safe website to download ROMs. Seems like this is another copy of downloadroms. Anyway, you can download ROMs here as well. It offers to play online feature as well.


The biggest reason for not using romsmania is it takes extra steps to download gaming roms.

Today there are so many other sources that are safe to use and their library size is equally to romsmania. So it makes no sense to download gaming ROMs from the romsmania.

It’s time for change. But you think about this article, let us know by the comment section. And if you think that I missed your favorite site also share in the comment section.

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