Aero WhatsApp latest Version Apk Download 2021

Mobile phones play an improtant role in our daily life. Almost every work we use to make our work easy, like studies, office work, view maps, communication, send images & Videos, messages, etc.

Whatsapp is the most useful app on our mobile phone because we use it to send photos, videos, messages, docs, etc. But Orginal Whatsapp doesn’t offer customization options and extra features to get in the modded Whatsapp. 

There are several options to choose modded Whatsapp. But FM & GB Whatsapp are on the top list because of their features and customization options. Bypassing the time, the list of the modded Whatsapp is increasing and providing amazing whatsapps.

Aero Whatsapp is one of them. This modded Whatsapp provides impressive features like GB & FM whatsapp. Here, you can get a piece of in-depth information about Aero Whatsapp. 

Let’s start with the introduction of Aero Whatsapp.

Aero Whatsapp: Introduction

Aero Whatsapp is the same as other modded apps. This app also provides some extra cool features that we can use daily. Aero gives customization and privacy options that make your Whatsapp more attractive and easy to use.

Besides these cools features, This application works the same as you can on your original whatsapp, like sending pictures, videos, docs, messages, making phone calls, video calls, etc.

Aero Whatsapp Features

Aero Whatsapp has a massive collection of features that you can’t get in the original Whatsapp. So, we divided them into the below-given categories and gave in-depth information about features of this Whatsapp.


Aero has a very similar interface to the original one. There are three sections on the homescreen. The first is chat, the second status section, and the last one is the calls section. If you swipe to the right, gallery images & videos show the screen’s bottom to upload in your Whatsapp status.

Aero Whatsapp Home screen
Aero Whatsapp Home screen

At the top of the homepage, three buttons are available to the search button, Whatsapp flight mode & day/night mode. Some extra buttons are hidden in the plus button, and some are given in the status.

Privacy and Security 

In this section, you can also see every vital setting that you want in the modded Whatsapp. Moreover, you can make active and deactivate features that you want in your Aero application.

Aero Whatsapp Privacy and Security
Aero Whatsapp Privacy and Security

The privacy and secuirty area is divided into three categories, general, status, and chats. Every section carries some features according to the type of category.

The general category has hiding last seen, disable forward tag, and who can call you features. Whereas hide view status and anti-delete status options are available in the status section. The last chat category has anti-delete messages and shows blue ticks after reply features and contacts, groups, and broadcast privacy settings.


Aero Whatsapp has plenty of options to choose themes from them. To get more layout for your modded Whatsapp, visit their theme store. Furthermore, there is an option that you can import themes into Aero Whatsapp. Store themes can use these themes on the home screen, conversation screen, and call background screen.

Aero Whatsapp Themes store
Aero Whatsapp Themes store

There are no live themes available in their theme store. If we compare this Whatsapp with GB Whatsapp, then GB provides better options in the theme store. So, there Aero Whatsapp has to improve theme collection for their Whatsapp.

Aero Whatsapp has the manual customization option. So, You can adjust the whole Whatsapp manually. In manual customization, you can change the background wallpaper, header, action bar, icons, tab bar, add a new layout, text color, floating button, etc. These changes you can make on the homescreen.

Aero Whatsapp customization
Aero Whatsapp customization

Apart from that, Not only the homescreen but also the conversation screen have a customization section to change the background wallpaper, toolbar, sending the messages, mark message, input layout, bubble settings, etc.


Aero Whatsapp has a list of features that increase the user experience level. We provide the list of the features of this Whatsapp. You can turn on /off these options by going into Universal settings. Let’s look out at the features list. 

Aero Whatsapp features
Aero Whatsapp features

Not only images but also videos send in 100% quality to anyone on this whatsapp. In addition to that, pictures & videos can send upto 80MB in size. Furthermore, there is an option to send 30+ photos at one time. 

On top of that, you can hide your Aero Whatsapp images, videos & GIFs from the phone gallery. 


There are three types of Emojis available in this application. Choose one of these variants of Emojis for your Whatsapp. These emojis you can use while communicating with someone.

In the aero Whatsapp, Option to pick one launcher icon for your Whatsapp from 60+ icons. 


Aero Whatsapp has several features for the status like upload 5 minutes status and uploads 100% quality image & video. Moreover, Hide muted, viewed, and recent updates section features are also in the status section.

On top of that, Download your contacts’ Display picture (DP) & status just in one click. 


Set Aero Whatsapp to auto-update new versions via wi-fi & 4G network. You can turn on/off both option or choose one option to get fresh updates for your WhatsApp. 


Take a backup of your chat, calls, media, and other data quickly on this Whatsapp. As well, you can upload your backup data on the MEGA & DropBox. When you change your phone or whatsapp, you can get your data back by logging into MEGA or DropBox.

Extra features 

Head chat, increase forward limit, and self-destructive are some of the best features of Modded apps. As well, this application gives you information about online contact with the pop-up message. 

Should You Go For Aero Whatsapp or NOT?

It’s hard to say that this is a better option for you because you can get the same features that you are getting in all alternatives of this application. 

In my opinion, if you are coming from the original Whatsapp, then this is worth it for you. But if you already have GB or FM Whatsapp, it is not a better option. 

Moreover, FM & GB gives you one or two more features compare to Aero Whatsapp. So, I suggest that you should go for the GB or FM Whatsapp

If you have any questions about this any modded Whatsapp, please your queries or questions in the comment section. We are happy to help you.

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