GB WhatsApp vs FM WhatsApp: Differences & Comparison

Whatsapp almost replaced SMS service. Now we rarely send an SMS to someone. There are approximately 2 billion active users.

There are some features that we can’t expect from the WhatsApp team. Features such as saving WhatsApp status, automatic messaging sending, etc.

That’s where the moded WhatsApp version comes into play. These moded apps are developed by some individual developers. They reverse engineer the code of WhatsApp and added new features to it.

Whatsapp Plus was the first moded version. However, GB whatsapp take it over. Now we have more than ever moded version.

it is common that it can confuse normal people to know which moded version to choose.

Here in this article, I will share the difference between GB whatsapp & FM whatsapp.

Difference Between The GB Whatsapp & FM Whatsapp

You don’t only find the differences between the FM & GB Whatsapps in the blew given paragraphs. I try to mention every single feature of both apps. I write about almost every feature which similar or different in both Whatsapps.


Both FM and GB Whatsapp are using the Android Whatsapp default interface with minor changes. You can see Whatsapp flight mode as well as night mode on the top in both apps.

Only FM Whatsapp has a groups section that is not avaible in the GB Whatsapp. You can see these all differences in the given screenshots.

Remember that you can get these interfaces in GB & FM Whatsapp without making any modifications. You have plenty of themes and manual customization option to make your Whatsapp’s interface more attractive.

Privacy and Security 

The privacy and secuirty section is a very improtant section of both apps because it provides you advantageous features that you can’t see the original Whatsapp.

The privacy and secuirty section of both competitors is full of similar features. The privacy and secuirty section is divided into three categories, general, status, and chats.

General category features like hiding last seen, disable forward tag, and who can call you. Whereas hide view status and anti-delete status options are in the status section. The last chat category has anti-delete messages and shows blue ticks after reply features, As well as contacts, groups, and broadcast privacy settings are in this section.


As I said, you can see plenty of themes in both applications to desgin the homescreen of your Whatsapp. Theme store is separated into two categories Online & local.

I like the GB Whatsapp theme store. Because you can find there live themes for your whatsapp and some extra local themes to modify your Whatsapp.

But there is only one issue. If you want to download the lives wallpaper themes, you need to share these with your friends first.

Not Only FM Whatsapp but also GB Whatsapp gives access to import new themes for your Whatsapp.

On top of that, you can see manual customization in both modded Whatsapps. Manual customization is the same in FM & GB Whatsapp.

In manual customization, you can change the background wallpaper, header, action bar, icons, tab bar, add a new layout, text color, floating button, etc. These changes you can make on the homescreen.

In addition to that, both Whatsapps provide you customization option to make changes On the conversation screen. In this customization, You can change the background wallpaper, toolbar, sending the messages, mark message, input layout, bubble settings, etc.

So, this shows that the manual customization of both apps are equal. But you can see the difference between the theme store of FM & GB Whatsapp.


GB & FM Whatsapps allows you to download the DP (Display picture) & status with one click. Moreover, it shows you, Who is online with the pop-up messages.

Both GB and FM Whatsapps have media features like send high-quality images, videos, audios, gifs, etc. Furthermore, you can upload photos & videos in 100% quality in status.

In Both Whatsapps, you can send 30+ images or videos at one time. As well as, you can hide your Whatsapp media from the phone gallery.

On top of that, you can turn on the head chat in GB & FM Whatsapp. Also, you can increase the forward message limit and turn off or on the self-destructive messages.

You can get three types of emojis Whatsapp, old Whatsapp, and system emojis in both apps. Other features like muted status, viewed status, recents status, and auto wifi & 4G updates are also featured in both Whatsapps’s list.

At the end of the features list, you can see an option to choose your favorite launcher icon for your Whatsapp.

User experience 

Both Whatsapps have a very similar user experience because you get almost the same features in both apps.

But both modded apps are a little bit slower than the original Whatsapp. When you open or change night mode, you can easly find the difference.

GB Whatsapp or FM Whatsapp: Which One is Better?

I am using these both Whatsapp for a couple of days. But I didn’t find too much difference. But FM Whatsapp adds some features in the latest update that GB Whatsapp already has.

GB & FM Whatsapps are very similar Whatsapps. Their minor differences In both apps that I mention in the given paragraphs.

It’s hard to pick one from these modded Whatsapps. Now, it on your personal prefers that which Whatsapp Features you want in your Whatsapp.

I hope this article useful for you. Or if you have any questions related to this article. Then you can ask us in the comment section. We will reply as soon as possible. We are happy to help you.

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