What Is MIUI Optimization? All Pros & Cons You Need To Know

When we buy a new mobile phone from MI or Xiamoi. Then you see an option named MIUI Optimization.

If you don’t about this option and didn’t know what are the advantages and disadvantages of this option. Then this article only for you.

In this article, we will give you information about the MIUI Optimization option and tell you the advantages and disadvantages of this option.

As well as, we will tell you that should you turn it on or off. Let’s start with the introduction of the MIUI Optimization option.

What is MIUI Optimization?

What Is MIUI Optimization?

This is an option that you get in the Xiamoi or Mi smartphones. This helps to maintain the ram and gives better performance to run apps.

Basically, it like software that manages the phone and gives you better performance, battery life, and discase the load time of apps.

But this has advantages and disadvantages. Because this has some bugs and it is not compatible with some third-party apps & launchers.

We will tell you in full detail the advantages and disadvantages of this MIUI Optimization. Let’s start with the advantages of this MIUI Optimization.


Performance: This MiUI Optimization increase the performance of your MI smartphone. Because it closes the recent apps and maintains the ram management.

With this, your mobile phone can run apps smoothly and fast. Furthermore, it discase the load time of apps.

Battery: as I tell that it close the recent apps. Because of that, battery usage goes down, and your mobile phone’s battery gives you more to use.

Fix Bugs: sometimes it helps to fix some bugs in your smartphones. That you don’t need to worry about them. When it is turn on.


Third-Party Apps: Some apps are not compatible with MIUI Optimization. That you can use smoothly when you turn it off.

Bugs: Some people face that their music player apps close automatically. When this is turn on. But it is off, then they didn’t face this problem.

Launchers: The third-party launcher didn’t work properly when the MIUI Optimization is turned on. You can use the launcher only then it is turned off.

Syncing: you can’t sync in some apps. Because of the MIUI Optimization option. SO you need to turn this off if you want to sync WhatsApp and Gmail.

How to turn off/on MIUI Optimization?

  • Open phone setting
  • Go to additional settings
  • Go to developer settings
  • Scroll down to see MIUI Optimization option

Now you can see the MIUI Optimization option in your mobile settings. You can turn off or on MIUI Optimization from here.

Should You Turn On Or Off The MIUI Optimization?

MIUI Optimization is a very useful option if you want better performance and better battery life for your mobile phone. Then you should turn on the MIUI Optimization.

But if you want to use third-party apps like launchers then you need to turn off MIUi Optimization of your smartphone.

I hope this article is helpful for you and give you information about MIUI Optimization that you want to know.

If you have any questions related to this article then you can ask in the comment section. We will reply as soon as possible. We are happy to help you.

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