Speechelo Scam: Everything You Need To Know

There are 7117 languages in the whole world. But only 23 languages are spoken by more than half the world’s population.

Most people can speak other languages but when we come to their accents then they mistake a lot in their speech.

So if you are one of them and then there are lots of software. That you can use to solve your problem. 

Speechelo is one of them. This software changes your text paragraphs into human-voice speech. 

But some people think that Speechelo is a scam. I don’t agree BUT there are a lot of things that speechelo is hiding from users.

So yeah they are providing you what they promise but Text to speech is much more affordable.

Speechelo price varies from $37-47. In this, you are getting around 30 voices. Only 4 of them can be used for the English language. The rest are for the other languages.

Then there is speechelo Pro upsell. That will cost you extra money. It is on going subscription $47 after every 3 months.

In the pro version, you are getting 171 voices.

Do you have any idea how much speechelo is actually paying for these voiceovers?

Take a guess.

They are using google wavenet. For every 1 million characters speechelo are just paying $16.

The funny Thing Not all of you are going to use 1 million characters.

Another Software Talkia also uses the same technology is also overpriced. Now Let’s discuss other problems & alternative solutions.

Other Problems Of Speechelo

Your Inbox: Speechelo is a blaster software product. Once they have your email address. They will invite to a webinar and try to sell other products. Seriously they send a lot of emails.

Voice Quality: As you listen to speechelo voice on their website. You think these voices sound natural. Actually, they are using background music. I also feel like voices are edited with software to make them more natural.

Alternative Solution

There are plenty of alternative solutions. But I recommend you totally different product.

My recommendation is TextoSpeech.net. You can grab a lifetime license for just $37. Not only its voices are better than TextOspeech but it also lets you control your voice style such as general, chat, cheerful, empathetic, etc.

It supports 41 languages and it has a total of 220 voices. You are also getting a 30-no-question-asked money-back guarantee.

But I’m not here to sell. I thought I should provide you with an alternative option.

If you see speechelo ads these days you will see peoples angry reactions on their ads. Here are a few screenshots.

Final Words

So speechelo is not scam but I don’t think so this deal is worth it. If you want to share your opinion about speechelo or your feedback about this article then let us know by the comment section.

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