How To Increase Image Size In MB Without Altering Pixel Dimensions?

Do you ever want to increase image size in MB without altering pixel dimensions? You do not need to look any further if you cannot find the right image enlarger tool because you have found the right place. Sometimes, you need to enlarge images to improve image quality online for your website or print a picture in a larger size. However, when you try to increase size of image, you automatically end up increasing its pixels. That leads to changing image dimensions even if you don’t want to.

Why should we use the Photo Enlarger tool?   

Using an image size increaser can benefit you in numerous ways. You do not need to get involved in purchasing any subscriptions or installation hassles because they are free to use. It will save your hard-earned money, time, and storage space. You can easily access these online Photo Enlarger tools from anywhere. They increase photo size and quality without affecting its pixels. You can enhance image quality settings with just a few taps for unlimited times without paying a cent.

Best Image Size Increaser is the first ever tool available on the internet that you can use to increase image size In MB without altering its number of pixels. This can double the size of your image. It supports also increasing jpeg file size as well as jpg formats. You can increase size of image up to 10 images simultaneously. This tool keeps your edited work safe for the next 24 hours in the “My File” section.


ImageDiamond offers you the following valuable features 

  • It’s an online image enlarger tool that works within the browser on your device. So, there’s no need to indulge in any installation hassle.
  • This tool is available for free. You won’t be charged a single penny.
  • It saves you time by letting you enlarge images simultaneously.
  • This image size increaser doesn’t ask you to make an account. You don’t need to sign up because it is open to the general public.
  • It increases the resolution of the image without disturbing the number of pixels.
  • You can enlarge photos unlimited 24/7 with no restrictions.
  • This supports Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android devices with a user-friendly interface. 

How to Increase Image Size in MB By Using ImageDiamond?

Follow the given steps to enlarge images online in MB.

Upload Image

Upload the desired image you want to increase in size. Ensure that they are in jpg or jpeg format, up to a maximum of 5 MB. 

Adjust Size

You will see a scale of 1-100 and a size option below the scale. Adjust the size on the scale until it reaches your desired for image increase size.


Look at the preview. If you are satisfied with the results, you are good to go. Just press the “Download” button.


High-quality images are an integral part of our lives, whether professional or personal. Sometimes, you must have felt the urge to enlarge photos for printing or uploading on your website. It is not a difficult task to increase image size in MB by using this image size increaser. You can use it to improve your image quality. If you want to know, How to increase image size In Kb Without Changing Pixels? So, you can read this blog post.

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