Can You Hack WiFi Using iPhone in 2024

iPhone are best known for its privacy. If you are looking how to break someone’s privacy by hacking their wifi network then you are on the right page.

Here you will learn how wifi hacking works and can you hack wifi using iPhone?

If you are new to hacking and looking for some tools that can quickly hack wifi within few seconds then let me tell you the truth.

In real life nothing happens like this. Sometimes you have to spend hours for finding the password.

So if you can’t dedicate proper time then it is better you don’t waste your time.

Another crucial thing is don’t install fake apps from the app store. These apps don’t work. You can read the other users reviews.

Now come to the answer of question Can you hack wifi using iPhone?

Well, it depends. If your victim has enabled WPS and didn’t change the pin then you can hack the wifi network. If not then you can’t do it from iPhone, you need a computer with Linux operating system.

If you are not a techy person then probably you are thinking what is hell is WPS. Don’t worry I will explain everything keep reading

How Does Wifi Hacking Work Actually?

Hacking wireless network depends upon the security. There mainly 3 types of wifi security.

  • WEP
  • WPA
  • WPA 2A
  • WPA (WPS enabled)

iPhone don’t show you security type, All other device such as android, windows or even mac shows wifi security.

On the mac, go to system preference→Network. Under the wifi click on advance. It will show you all wifi network with security type.

WEP: If you see wifi with WEP security. You are just a few steps away from getting a password. The WEP algorithm is easy to crack, just with a few Linux commands you can hack it.

WPA or WPA 2A: This type of wifi security is the most used security. It is secure as well. For hacking this wifi you need to use common sense. Basically, you need to provide characters used in passwords and estimated password length.

Then tools like crunch will generate a wordlist with all the possible combinations. Then other tools such as aircrack-ng can apply every word as a password.

WPS: This isn’t security however sometimes we see WPS enabled written with security type. This is a special 8 digit pin that can also be used as a password. You can enable the WPS pin by press the switch on your router. Every router has a default pin list.

Most wifi owners don’t change their pin. If you apply default most likely you will connect to the wifi network. Here is the list of default wifi pin.

Here is the list of some default wps that you can try.

Basically, you can hack only the default pin wifi network. If you are serious about the wifi network then either get a computer and install Linux operating system, otherwise don’t waste your time.

The internet is full of a fake tutorials that will only waste your time. I hope you got value from this article, If you have any query then let me know by the comment section.

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