FuboTV Free Premium Account Usernames & Password 2024

The majority of people love to watch movies, live matches, and their favourite shows on their mobile phones, tablets, or laptop because they don’t have time to watch them on their TV. 

This is the main reason, that online video streaming platforms are very famous worldwide. FuboTV is one of them. I hope you must hear about the FuboTV before reaching this article. 

Let’s talk about what you can get from this article. you can get the huge list of usernames and passwords of the FuboTV premium account. As well, we will provide some other methods to get FuboTV free accounts. 

First, let’s get some information about FuboTV,

FuboTV: Introduction

FuboTV is an American video streaming television service, that is mainly made for USA, Canada and Spain users. Because it works only in these countries. Although, you can use it with help of a VPN.

FuboTV is very famous in America, because of its content. It contains 250 Channels, shows, news, movies, live matches, and some 4k content. Moreover, It also offers on-demand content. 

FuboTV Top Features List

  • Interface

FuboTV has one of the best interfaces among the other online video streaming platforms. It’s simple and easy to use. 

FuboTV Interface

All live channels, sports, shows, and movies are on the homepage divided into different categories with large thumbnails.

  • Channels

Most people choose FuboTV because of its huge channels list, and its sports content. With these channels, you can access 130+ 4k events and live matches as well. Check here to see the whole FuboTV Channel list.

FuboTV Channels list
  • Content

Not only channels, but FuboTV also have 4800+ movies and 1900+ shows available on FuboTV. In addition, FuboTV offers on-demand content.

  • Cloud DVR

FuboTV gives 250 to 1000 hours of cloud DVR. So, you can record all your favourite shows, movies, matches, and news to watch later. That’s a show you will never miss your any show on the FuboTV.

  • Video streaming

FuboTV provides 130+ events in 4k resolution and the remaining content is available in full HD (1080p) resolution. Moreover, they are adding more 4k content on their platform.

  • Add-Ons

I hope, Content that FuboTV offers is enough for you. But, if it is not. Don’t worry about content, because FuboTV has an Add-on channel option for their users. You can lots of channels that you want. you can add them to your plan by giving a little amount of money. Check here the list of channels you can add to your FuboTV plan.

Sports Plus with NFL RedZone$10.99/month
Fubo Extra$7.99/month
International Sports Plus$6.99/month
Adventure Plus$4.99/month
News Plus$2.99/month
NBA League Pass$14.99/month
Sports Lite$9.99/month
Latino Plus$19.99/month
RAI Italia$8.99/month
Portuguese Plus$14.99/month
Entretenimiento Plus$9.99/month
FuboTV Add-Ons List & price
  • Features Upgrades

Like channels, if you want more features like cloud DVR storage and more screens. Then you can add these features by paying more to FuboTV. Not only features, but FuboTV also offers some premium add-ons like Showtime, Starz, Epix, Amc premiere, and Pantaya.

FuboTV Features Add-Ons
FuboTV Premium Add-Ons
  • Cross-platforms

Don’t worry!! If you are buying FuboTV for your mobile phone, tablet, laptop, TV, Amazon fireTV, AppleTV, Chromecast, Roku, etc. because it works perfectly the almost every device.

Fubo TV Pricing

Methods To Grab FuboTV Premium Account

  • FuboTV Premium Account Username & Passwords
[email protected]ag492maxk
[email protected]Wonanmock
[email protected]pcminonkwall
[email protected]epocalxik
[email protected]anovLGP
[email protected]ManxAL4PMak
[email protected]snawintirak
[email protected]isvayh423
[email protected]entabibap
[email protected]pWOAMkmzk
[email protected]black322
[email protected]benfica1
[email protected]gfhjey123@@
[email protected]Guruji34##
[email protected]hirn231$$
[email protected]kionii48
[email protected]dolphins72
[email protected]Weiser1617
[email protected]rainbow227
[email protected]pookbear9
FuboTV Usernames & Passwords

It’s obvious, that the first question that comes to mind is What is AccountBot.io. Let me tell you that It is a website that offers premium accounts at a very affordable. 

The next question might be How can you trust this website. Again let me tell you, that I am using this website since last year. And, I have purchased a couple of premium accounts from it such as Netflix, Doodly, DirecTV, etc.

Next must be, How much you have to pay to get an account. So, you get a 90% discount on every single premium account. Here is the screenshot of the AccountBot.io homepage with some premium and price that AccountBot offer. 

AccountBot HomePage

NOTE: Currently, FuboTV is Out Of Stock from AccountBot.io. If you want other premium accounts at an affordable price, then you must check out the AccountBot.io website. 

  • FuboTV 7-days Free Trial

FuboTV offers a 7-days free trial to its customers. With this free, you can access their all content and channels. After the 7-days, they charge the full monthly payment plan that you choose for a free trial.

It is very easy to get FuboTV free trial. Let me show you the step-by-step process to get FuboTV 7-days free trial. 

Step-By-Step Process To Get FuboTV Free Trial

  • Enter your email & password with your city Pincode
  • And, click on the continue button
  • Choose any plan and click on the continue button
  • Choose the monthly or quarterly payment
  • And, click on the continue button
  • Enter your card details and click on submit button

Done!! Now, you can enjoy the free trial of FuboTV. But remember one thing, Don’t forget to cancel your free trial within the 7-days. Otherwise, you have to pay the monthly or quarterly payment.

How To Know the Eprirey Date of FuboTV Free Trial?

After getting the FuboTV free trial you must worry about how do you know when your free trial will expire? Here are the steps to see when your fuboTV plan or free trial expires.

Step-By-Step Process to See free Expire Date

  • Sign in to your FuboTV account 
  • Visit your profile
  • Click on the profile button (Top-right side)
  • Click on the account options
  • See current plan options 

Now, you can see your free trial or plan’s expiry date. If you don’t know how to cancel a Fubo TV subscription scroll down to the how-to cancel a FuboTV subscription paragraph.

  • Telegram

Telegram is a messaging app like WhatsApp. But, on telegram majority of people create their profile to get or share shows, movies, or premium accounts.

Most people sell premium accounts at a very cheap price. Which works for a couple of days. Which is not recommended by me. I personally recommend you get a free FuboTV account username & password.

To get these you have to join lots of Telegram groups that will give usernames & passwords of premium accounts. Moreover, you will also get some shows, & movie links over there.

I hope this method will work for you Because it doesn’t work for everyone.

  • Sharing Account

Account sharing is the most common and the best way to save your money. Because, with this, you are able to watch all your favourite shows, movies, and sports at half of the price of the streaming platform’s plan.

FuboTV offers 10 screens at home in every package. But, you can buy their family share add-on feature, which will allow you to play FuboTV on three devices at some time. It decreases the cost of the FuboTV plan a lot.

Our recommendation

Personally, I use AccountBot.io to get premium accounts. Because, I have too many videos streaming platforms like Netflix, HotStar, DirecTV, and so on. 

Currently, FuboTV is Out Of Stock from AccountBot.io. So, you can use a username & password or telegram method to get a FuboTV premium account free.

How To Watch FuboTV Outside the USA?

It is very simple to do it. I’m also outside the USA. But, I access the FuboTV on my laptop. Here are the steps to watch FuboTV outside the USA.

Step-By-Step Process To Watch FuboTV Outside the USA

  • Download any VPN on your device
  • Open VPN and connect to the USA severs

Done!! Now you can enjoy the FuboTV website on your mobile phone, laptop or desktop. 

How To Cancel a FuboTV Subscription?

If you are using a free trial or plan of FuboTV, and now you want quit FuboTV. Then it is a must to cancel the subscription to FuboTV because if you didn’t cancel their subscription they will cut the amount from your bank every single month. 

But, if you don’t know how to cancel your FuboTV subscription, then read the below-given steps and follow them to cancel your FuboTV subscription. 

Step-By-Step Process To Cancel FuboTV Subscription

  • Sign in to your account
  • Visit your profile 
  • Click on the profile button(top-right)
  • Select the Account option
  • Go to the Subscription & Billing
  • See current plan category 
  • Click on the cancel subscription 
  • After that, again click on cancel subscription

Done!! Now you are FuboTV free trial or subscription cancel.


FuboTV is one of the best video streaming platforms for sports lovers. Because it has hundreds of sports channels and live events for its users. Moreover, they have a list of shows, movies, and news. As well, they offer some of the content in 4k high resolution. 

I hope this article is helpful for you. Still, do you have any questions or suggestions for us? Please leave them in the comment section. We are happy to help you. 

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