What are The Best Ways To Increase Image Size Without Harming Pixels And Quality?

Visualization is all that matters in this era of social media. High-quality images play a significant role in marketing yourself, your brand, and your services. They depict your professionalism and dedication toward the quality of your work. People prefer to respond to images and visual content rather than text. 

While low-quality images leave a flawed impression on the viewers, they don’t visually appeal to the viewers, decreasing the chances of them clicking on the following icon. Whether it’s pinning a post on social media or uploading product images of your brand products on your e-commerce website, high-quality images are in demand.

Have you ever tried to enhance the quality and size of your images? If yes, you must know that it is tricky to increase image size without losing the quality and details. It can be tricky to deal with the pixels in image enlargement. However, If you desire to find a tool to image size increase in kb, we’ve got you covered. Today, we will discuss the best ways to increase image size without harming pixels and quality. So, Keep Reading!

What is Image Resizing? 

Image Resizing

Resizing an image is the process of adjusting the size of the pictures in your desired image size and format. It can be image enhancement and compression. We increase the sizes of the photos in KBs while doing the image enhancement and reduce their file size by compression techniques in image compression. 

Understanding Image Enhancement  

Image enhancement is a tricky process of increasing the image size, including raising the clarity, sharpness, and overall quality of the images. The purpose of image enhancement is to transform a low-quality image into a visually appealing picture to captivate the audience in a presentation. Image enhancement includes adding a number of pixels to an image. It is tricky to deal with the increased number of pixels, as a picture may look blurred because of them.     

Best & Easy Ways To Increase Image Size  

Best & Easy Ways To Increase Image Size  

You must upload high-quality and visually appealing images on your social media sites and website to rank in the SEO of platforms. There are numerous ways to increase image size online to optimize your website; I have listed the best ways below.   

Use High Definition Images

The original quality of images matters the most in increasing image sizes. Low-quality images may look blurred after enhancement. You can clear or remove the background of photos. It is effortless to enhance the image sizes with colors, sharpness, or brightness of HD images.  

Use the Right Image Type

JPG and JPEG images are easy to enhance rather than PNG. So, ensure you switch the file types of your PNG images before increasing their file sizes. The correct file types help you improve the quality of your JPG pictures and focus more on the detailing as you increase their size in kb.  

Resize Incrementally

Try to increase image sizes incrementally rather than increasing the file sizes of pictures at once. It will help you fix any issues and edit the photos to avoid them. It will directly help you preserve the quality of images and resolve the error. 

Keep the Dimensions Intact

Keep the aspect ratio, dimensions, and original canvas of pictures the same while resizing them. Stretching or cropping an image in disproportionate sizes can ruin the quality of images. So, do not hamper the dimensions of the pictures to preserve their high quality.

WordPress Plugins

You can use WordPress plugins to resize your images before uploading them to your website. These plugins optimize and resize images by using advanced algorithms for automatic optimizations. They preserve the quality of images and make images responsive to load quickly on diverse mobile device screens.

Online Image Enhancing Tools 

You can also increase the size of your low-quality images by using online image enhancers. They work for free and have a simple-to-use interface. You only need to upload your photos; the image enlarger will increase image size. 

Which Online Image Size Increasing Tool is Best?

Numerous online image enlarger tools are available, making it tricky to handpick the perfect tool to increase the size of your images without disrupting their quality. However, you don’t need to stress your mind in thinking about which tool is best to increase image size. Because I’m right here to your rescue, I have tried and tested the most popular and trending image size increasing tools and have concluded that ImageDiamond is the best online image size increaser. Check out the reasons by reading its top-notch features in the below section.

Compelling Features   

  • It is an incredible online image resizer tool that enhances the image size of your pictures without tempering the number of pixels.
  • Imagediamond gives you free of cost services.
  • You can use it online without doing any installation. 
  • It has an intuitive and self-defining interface.
  • You don’t need any technical expertise to use its efficient services. 
  • It gives you quick services to save you valuable time. 
  • You can access ImageDiamond through any digital device.   

Final Thought

We live in a digital world where visualization is everything. You must upload high-quality images on your social media sites and website to rank in the search engines. Today, we discussed some of the best ways to increase the image size of photos and the best image enlarger to do so. I hope this article has covered all your doubts. Happy Browsing!      

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