Directv Free Accounts: 100% Working Methods

These days almost everyone stops watching Tv in their homes because nobody has time to watch movies or shows by sitting on the sofa. 

Moreover, People spend their most of time on their mobile phones, Because their lots of streaming platforms that provide thousands of movies and shows.

Directv is one most popular streaming platforms to watch TV channels. Because of this, you will be able to watch up to 140+ channels on the Directv streaming platform. 

If you are looking for free Directv accounts or ways to download their content then you are on the right article. Because in this article We will share some methods to get their accounts for free. 

Directv: What It Offers

As I mention It is the best streaming platform to watch live channels, movies, and shows. Because it provides 140+ channels. 

Furthermore, It also supports Netflix, amazon prime, HBO Max, Directv, and so on. On top of that, you can watch live sports, news, cartoons, and many other types of content on this platform. 

Directv Plans

Directv offers four plans, which provide different types of features.

Directv Entertainment (69.99$ /Per Month)

In this plan, you can access ESPN, TNT, Nickelodeon, HGTV, Showtime, Starz, Epix, Cinemax, and many more. Like these, it supports 65+ channels. 

Directv ChoiceTM (84.99$/Per Month)

This plan supports HBO Max, Showtime, Starz, Epix, Cinemax, and more like them 100+ channels. 

Directv Ultimate (94.99$/Per Month)

Live Sports, Movies, News, and more content are fully loaded in this plan Because you can get 130+ channels in this plan. 

Directv Premier (139.99$/Per Month)

This plan includes almost every single channel and streaming platform that you can get in their previous plans. Moreover, this plan has 140+ channels to watch movies and shows on Directv.

If you think that, these prices are too high compared to their service, read the following paragraphs for further and important information.

Method 1: Using

AccountBot is a website that provides streaming platforms at an affordable price. I know, you are thinking that earlier mention, Directv Free Premium Accounts.

Believe me, this is one of the best ways to grab a streaming account at a very cheap price. I personally, use this website to get the streaming platforms and it is very impressive.

This website has a list of video, sports, education, and music streaming at a cheaper price compare to the original ones, where you have to spend a huge account of money.

On this website, get a VRV Premium bundle account just for 2.99$ per month and 14.99$ per annual. Follow the given steps to gran account from

Steps To Grab An Account From

  • Visit and click on the register button
  • Enter the required details and register on
  • After the registration, Verify your email and login into the AccountBot website
  • Click on the explore button (In the left menu) and check all services or search and select the Directv Premium
  • A page like this show you, Here you can see Directv Premium AccountBot plan details
  • Select any plan, affordable for you, and click on the purchase button

( In my opinion, you must choose the yearly plan because it saves 15$ per year compared to the monthly plan)

  • It will redirect, to the payment page, where all payment methods will be available
  • Choose any from them, and pay the required amount
  • After the payment, go to the subscription (In the left menu), here you will find all your purchased account details
  • Choose the Directv Premium and click on the get account
  • Now, it will redirect you to the Directv account, where the username and password blanks will be empty.
  • To generate your username and password, click on the generate button
  • With this, you will get your Directv account username and password. Copy the given details
  • Go to the login page and paste the username and passwords & log in Directv 
  • Your work has been DONE!! Enjoy the Directv Premium!!

Method 2: Usernames & Passwords

If you don’t want to pay a single penny to get Directv, use these given usernames and passwords. But sometimes people change their passwords bypassing the time. We suggest you try all if any username and password are not working for you.

[email protected] 1YsEqAbI
[email protected]olivia910
[email protected]perez6095
[email protected]madison1
[email protected]Babydemon12
[email protected]Daisydog1
[email protected] P1Z6CnkB
[email protected]rockstar69
[email protected] dv0uQU3r
[email protected]hassan79
[email protected] zyg32AMv
[email protected]nicole09
[email protected]9mifith9
[email protected] MVwa3Dy1
[email protected]07Lexy11
[email protected]german11
[email protected] oE01k883
[email protected]martyv97
[email protected]Gophers16
[email protected]2daughters
[email protected]alex711
[email protected]Quincy13
[email protected]madison5
[email protected]Mackers4

Method 3: Using Torrent

I know torrent is illegal in many countries, But torrents can run with help of a VPN. Almost everyone uses a torrent using VPN and downloads where they want.

If you don’t know about torrents, torrent is like the internet from where you can find almost everything that you want for free.

The government bans the internet in many countries, to use torrents on your device. Full fill the required things and follow the given steps.

To Use Torrent Required Things 

  • VPN: It is a must because the government has banned the torrent
  • Device to use the internet: phone android, ios, pc, etc.
  • utorrent software: to download torrent files.

Steps To Use Torrent

  • First, use VPN to open torrent websites
  • Visit the torrent website and search for movies/series, want to download
  • Click on the magnet torrent link 
  • it will automatically start downloading movies/shows in torrent

Let’s Jump Into Action

First of all, visit any torrent websites, there are several websites available to use torrent. But I personally use the given websites.

  3. extratorrent: Visit this page for extratorrent.

These are the search engine of the torrent, from where you can search for anything that you want to download. Here is the screen of the torrent website.

On this website, you can see a huge search bar, where you can type what where you want to download. 

Because this website provides movies, shows, applications, software, games, etc.

Just enter any movie/series name to find your stuff, and select from the given options. 

After that, you can see the magnet option on the download page, as you can see in the given screenshot. Click on the magnet option.

It will open a torrent and start downloading your movie/series. The speed of downloading will depend on how many people are downloading the same stuff. 

I know it sounds weird, but torrents work like that. Also, don’t forget to close the torrent because it needs to close from its menu option. 

Also, turn off the VPN service after using the downloading starts in torrent.

Method 4: Using Telegram

Telegram is messaging app just like WhatsApp. On the telegram you can so many peoples that sells other websites accounts.

Either you want Netflix, Disney plus, or any else account you can sell on this platform. Now the question is how you can find sellers.

You have to join groups that you can find on the internet. Just make sure you don’t purchase anything from anyone.

First, see their activity in the group only then decide whether you want to purchase or not.

I’m not sure about Directv Premium. I have seen plenty of people selling Netflix accounts. I guess if you contact them they can also provide you with Directv accounts.

No doubt, Accountbot is a much better option. They provide you after-sales support, replace accounts free and etc.

I will recommend going with an account bot instead of trusting an unknown person that will take hours to find.

However, if you found someone then you can get an account at an even cheaper price.

Which Method Should You Use?

I almost use every single method, I mention in this article. So, I personally recommend you to use the method Because it is very useful and affordable. 

Also, We can get access to the original platforms that provide amazing user experiences.

The only con in this method is, that we can change the username and password while using the account.

In Conclude

I hope these methods will help you to get a Directv Premium account or content. I personally try these methods before writing this article, so you can get the right information for this article.

On this website, Before writing any kind of information or methods, we made a deep search, so our visitors can get the right knowledge from our website.

I hope this article is helpful for you, If you have any type of questions or suggestions for us, leave them in the comment section. We are here to help you.

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