NCIS Star David McCallum celebrates 55th anniversary with wife after years of an unconvential marriage

Katherine Carpenter and David McCallum have been married for rare decades in Hollywood. However, did you know that the NCIS star had previously been married to a different woman for ten years?


McCallum was first hitched to the late Jill Ireland in London in the year 1957. He eventually lost his first wife to her then-costar, Charles Brosnan, who married Ireland and stayed with her until she died. He then lost his first wife to Ireland.

McCallum only ever showed support for Brosnan and his former wife, even going as far as to say that he was glad they found each other. He fell in love with Katherine Carpenter quickly after getting divorced and moving to Ireland.

McCallum continues to post pictures of Carpenter on social media to show their 55 years of love. Fans seemed particularly to connect with one post.

In the post, the couple is shown standing side by side on the day they first met, both in black and white and in a much more recent image taken in the same location. McCallum wrote in the caption:

“Wow, what a warm and wonderful welcome to Facebook! Thanks a lot! There are fifty years between these photographs. The day Katherine and I first met is on the left.

The image on the right was taken the previous week in the same location. The publishers of my newest book, “Once a Crooked Man,” can be seen in the background in the Flatiron Building. What a delight!

David McCallum was already a television icon when the first picture was taken, and he was starring in the beloved “Man from U.N.C.L.E.

” McCallum and Carpenter met for the first time in 1965 while working on a photo shoot for the show. Despite the fact that they were 11 years apart in age, they instantly fell in love.

Carpenter, who was an actress and model at the time of their meeting, has spent the past few decades supporting her husband in his charitable endeavors and raising their family, which includes their two children, Sophie and Peter, as well as McCallum’s children from his previous marriage.

Back toward the beginning of their relationship in 1965, the pair didn’t have full help from the overall population.

Many people were worried about Ireland and McCallum’s three children because McCallum was still not completely divorced from his first wife.

In 1967, McCallum and Ireland finalized their divorce, which helped quiet some critics. The NCIS star was, at last, ready to propose to his currently long-haul spouse.

Just a few months after their quiet, intimate wedding, the two of them have lived a quiet life with their family ever since.

They have clearly lived happily throughout this time, but they have taken great care to keep their children out of the spotlight and live quietly.

The couple’s involvement in philanthropy with the US Marine Corps has included a number of related events and even a Semper Fidelis Award, giving the public a glimpse into their lives.

McCallum’s captions and posts on social media provide additional hints. For example, McCallum shared the picture below of Carpenter and him dressed up for a dinner and music date, which he describes in the caption, for their 50th wedding anniversary.

Funny thing is that the marriage has been unique, despite its obvious success. They were married for 13 years, but they used to be apart for ten months a year.

The couple was quoted as saying, “We’ve spent ten months of the year apart for the last 13 years… We keep in constant touch, and there are all these vacations in America, like Thanksgiving, when we are together.” Image courtesy of TV Times and Getty Images. And mobile phones.”

In a similar meeting, McCallum proceeded to make sense of that their marriage has just been so effective on the grounds that they have consistently conveyed and given each other the things they’ve needed. He went on to say:

“At this point, my wife would like to become two people—one in New York and one in California—and we both feel that way. We’re arriving at the point following 13 years that we ought to presumably contemplate getting together.”

They were still able to maintain a happy and healthy relationship despite their lengthy separation. Additionally, it appears that they are in love. David and Katherine showed their true love for one another by dancing for hours at Don Bellisario’s 80th birthday celebration in Montecito.

They had a “very big band” that played all the best songs from the 1940s. I and Katherine danced for hours! On Facebook, David wrote.

They decided to try to travel less as they got older so they could spend more time with their family. Val McCallum, Sophie McCallum, Paul McCallum, and Peter McCallum are David’s four children.

Val and Sophie are from his first marriage, which he had with British film and television actress Jill Ireland from 1957 to 1967.

Jason McCallum, David’s fifth child, tragically passed away in November 1989 at the age of 27.

McCallum stated, “You never come to terms with the death of a child.” Although the pain is very real, it feels like an ache that turns into rage.

“At the same time, there is a sense of frustration that you were unable to really do anything about it, which makes the situation even more difficult. He had the life that he had in the end. It only requires acceptance.

In total, their children have given the couple eight grandchildren, and they have been grateful for the time they have had with them.

David McCallum married Katherine Carpenter on September 16, 1967, in New York. Some of his grandchildren are exactly like him.

McCallum has really worked hard to find time to spend with his grandchildren, children, and beautiful wife of 55 years now that his career has slowed down.

David McCallum truly values his family. He actually doesn’t feel as old as he does.

“They call me amazing daddy, the 88-year-old said in 2016. ” Grandpa doesn’t appeal to us because it sounds old, and I’m not old. Also, some of them have the cheek to call me terrific ducky.”

Throughout his career, David McCallum has been a star. Be that as it may, despite the fact that he’s currently a titan in the realm of famous people, the Scottish entertainer has consistently kept his feet on the ground and framed a magnificent family and inheritance.

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