An Australian Movie Celebrity Laments That No One Wants To Date Her

Billie Beever, a single mother who works as an entertainer and escort, took to TikTok to express her frustration at what she sees as a double standard. Billie said in her video that because of her employment in the temporary relationship industry, she has become “undateable” and that men who have told her she is “the ideal lady” have later rejected her after learning about her job. I recently learned that my past and history are the reasons why men won’t date me, she stated.

Billie dismissed the idea that her videos might make her less attractive to men seeking a romantic partner, saying: “We all have a past and we all have a history. The only difference is, I recorded mine! Mine is on camera.”

Billie Beever, an OnlyFans star, raised eyebrows on Tuesday after sharing a TikTok video in which she complained about how men refuse to date her because of her X-rated online videos. “Does that make me not dateable? Seriously, yes or no.

Billie also brooded about how guys would frequently be content to have deep relationships with her but would never want to pursue a relationship. “If you want to use [my] past, and like, not be able to give me an opportunity or whatever… then that’s a ‘you problem’, not a ‘me problem’,” she blustered.

Australian adult film star complains men don’t want to date her

In a lengthy rant on TikTok, Billie said she’s sick of men rejecting her romantic advances despite them telling her she’s ‘the ideal woman.’ Her video garnered mixed responses, with some people arguing that Billie has no right to tell men who they should date. ‘They do have the right to stand by their morals though,’ one user commented. ‘We just don’t wanna see our Mrs get slammed on the internet, to be honest, and I think it’s both ways, not just women,’ another added.

Another person told her she was a “fun date, but not a wife”, while one person replied “consequences of my actions”. Others defended Billie, with one commenting: “They should love you for you and forget about the past if they love you.”

Billie, a former hairdresser who has been working in the entertainment industry since she was 18, is now one of the top 0.6% of OnlyFans creators worldwide. She brands herself on the platform as “the real deal MILF” and currently charges $11 per monthly subscription. 

Some people have come to her defense, with one commenting: “They should love you for you and forget about the past if they love you.” Another person agreed, saying “They’d also be intimidated by your success babe. Don’t waste your time on them.”

Last November, Billie appeared on ABC’s Next Door and candidly discussed her career journey. She described it as a gradual “evolution” or “snowballing effect.” She also discussed the downsides of her work, saying she’s been unfairly branded a “terrible person” because of what she does for a living.

“I’ve always suffered discrimination because of my employment,” Billie alleged. Many presume I’m a bad person solely based on what I do, but that’s not the case. I would never do anything wrong or hurtful. I’ve been sl*t-shamed and hurt so many times over the years, but I’m not going to let that stop me from doing what I love.” Billie said she plans to tell her daughter about her job when she’s older so that she can understand and respect what her mother does.

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