Top 10 Easy Methods to Send Large Files via Email

Emails are the most primitive and vast source of communication worldwide. You can easily use it to share information, videos, marketing stuff, and necessary documents. However, it has a limitation. It doesn’t allow you to send a file having a larger size. If you are looking for simple ways to Send Large Files via Email, then no more worries because you are at the perfect place. Today we will discuss 10 easy ways to share large files via email.  

Why do we need Cloud Services?

All email platforms, like Outlook and Gmail, limit their user’s ability to send a file up to a very short limit of 25 MB. If you try to send a larger file, a dialogue box containing an error message appears saying that the attachment file carries more size than the allowed limit. They impose this limit because the inboxes have limited storage space. This limit prevents you from overloading the recipient’s inbox. So using different cloud services to share large files is an easy solution.

10 Easy Methods – How to Send Large Files via Email?

Cloud storage is one of the best solutions. You just have to upload the file to your cloud space and share the link in the email. Cloud storage is preferable nowadays because it offers more document security and also works at a fast speed. You won’t face a single error message regarding the large size of the file.  

You can use any of the given methods to Send Large Files via Email.

  1. Google Drive

Google Drive is the most common and popular cloud storage space. When it comes to sharing heavy files, Google Drive is the priority for a user. Whether you are using Gmail for professional or personal use, Google Drive is equally valuable. Furthermore, when you share large files by email, it provides you the choice to upload the file to Google Drive and share the link instead. You can also save the file in a separate folder without any need to open Google Drive separately.  

  1. One Drive

One Drive is a native and convenient cloud storage service that lets you share a document through a link or by emailing the file. If you are a Microsoft Office Outlook user, then you have a bonus point. Because then you don’t need to upload any files separately. It has a built-in feature that will provide you with an option to upload the file on One Drive simultaneously.    

  1. Drop Box

Dropbox is a platform that contains many different email apps. It makes sharing larger files easier whether you are a desktop or mobile user. It also makes it smooth to back up your important files and documents and share them with others.  

  1. WeTransfer

WeTransfer is one of the best file-sharing mediums that lets you share your essential documents and larger files through its web application. It works quickly and your file will get transferred in a few clicks. You just need to upload your file and provide an email address. You don’t need to sign-up to share your files.

  1. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is an effective tool that can securely send large files. You just need to create an account on SendAnywhere, which will cost you nothing. It has a built-in feature that will generate a 6-digit key for you and your recipient to access the file. Then the recipient receives a shared link to your file. This tool ensures security so that nobody else can access the file.

  1. High Tail

High Tail can send a larger file to several recipients simultaneously. It will save you precious time and notify you when each participant has accessed the file. You can send and receive files simultaneously. It also offers the facility to access your file from anywhere and on any device.

  1. FileStage

FileStage is an online platform that lets you share large videos, documents, and essential files.

It ensures the user’s document security by making email verification compulsory. It also offers password protection for your file. It enables you to download and upload the updated files without any need to send email again.

  1. DropSend

DropSend is the most commonly used cloud storage system for sharing heavy files. It lets you share all your important documents with your team. You just need to upload a file and fill the box with the recipient’s email address. All recipients will have the facility to download the document. You can send several GBs of larger files by using DropSend.   

  1. Mail Drop

Mail Drop is for Apple users. It is a part of their iCloud Storage System that allows them to sync their documents on different iOS devices. It also offers the feature that whenever you send a larger file to anyone with Mail Drop, that file link will get deleted after 30 days. It will save your iCloud space.  

  1. Compress Images and Files Without Losing Quality

Another way to send large files via email is by compressing the file first. You can easily compress images and larger files by using the ImageDiamond Image Compressor Tool. It is the ultimate web-based free tool that you can use to compress photos and large videos without losing the quality. After compressing your files you can send them directly by email.

Final Word

Email is the most convenient and most commonly used medium to share files. However, it limits the file size. However, sharing large files via email is no longer an obstacle. You can easily Send Large Files via Email up to several GBs using any of the above-discussed methods. It’s your choice whether you want to opt for cloud storage services or reduce image and file size with ImageDiamond Image Compressor. 

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