Dramafire Best Korean Drama Downloading Site In 2021

People love to watch movies in their daily life. But good movies are limited. So people watch movies from other countries. Some movies are not made in many languages so watch those movies with the help of subtitles.

Hollywood movies are very famous for their content and direction. But Korean movies are also popular for their storyline, acting, and direction. For example, Parasite is the best movie in South Korea and it won the oscar of 2020.

If you also love to watch Korean movies and you don’t know how to find Korean for free. Then you are in the right place. We will give you information about the two best sites for Korean movies and shows. 

From these two sites, you can download and watch online Korean movies and shows. The sites are not a scam or fake sites. Let’s start with the introduction of the first site: Dramafire (Dramacool). 

What Is Dramafire?

Dramafire website is unavailable on google. Because the domain name of dramafire is changed into Dramacool. Also, the design of the dramafire site is changed for better user exercise. Moreover, they improve the content quality of their website.

Dramafire is the best website to download Korean movies in full HD quality. On this site, you can find Korean movies, Korean web series, Korean drama, c Korean with English subtitles. Moreover, you can find these movies for free. 


You can find the latest movies, c drama and web series of Korean movies. When you open this site you will see a number of movies, c drama, and web series on the homepage. On top of that, on top, you will see a bar with categories of movies, drama, and web series. Furthermore, you can see the search bar on the top right side.

You can download these movies and show up to 1080p resolution. You can choose the resolution of movies or videos on the download page. If you don’t know how to download Korean movies or videos. Then you can see the steps to download movies and videos below this paragraph.

How To Download Korean Movies From Dramafire? 

You can download movies and videos from dramafire with some easy steps. Without wasting any time let’s get started.

  • Visit dramafire ( drama cool).
  • Find your favorite movie, web series, or drama
  • You can find with top bar or search bar 
  • When you find it, click on that
  • Now you will see the movie or video
  • Blew this you will find the download button
  • Click on the button and you will go to the download page
  • Again you will find the download button, click on the button 
  • Now you will see the buttons, download button and watch online 
  • If you want to watch online then click on watch online.
  • If you want to download then click on the download button.
  • Then choose the resolution of your movie or video.

How To Download And Watch Korean Drama On Kissreport?

Let’s start with the introduction, Kissreport is also a website to watch online Korean movies, shows, and drama. The simple look attracts the attention of everyone and the content of the site makes you crazy. You will find old new updates of movies and shows.

When you open this site you will see high-rated movies and shows on the homepage. On the top, you will find a search bar to search for your favorite movies.


The only problem with this site is you can’t download movies and shows from this site. So, if you can watch movies online, or do you have data for movies then. This site is perfect for you. Moreover, you can play your favorite movie on this site at the average speed of the internet.

If you don’t know, watch an online movie on Kissreport. Then follow the given steps.

  • Open website in your bowers 
  • Then find your favorite movie from the homepage or with the search bar
  • Click on the movie 
  • Click on watch now 
  • Click on the play button 
  • Click on the two arrows for fullscreen

Now enjoy the movie on your mobile phone, laptop or desktop.

Which Website Is Perfect For You? Dramafire Or Kissreport?

In my opinion, both websites are best for Korean movies and shows. But both have differences that make them different. But which one is perfect. So, the answer is it’s on your requirements. 

If you want to watch online movies then the Kissreport website is perfect for you. Because it’s simple and gives you the best online movies experience without any buffering even if you have an average internet connection.

If you want to download movies or shows on your mobile or desktop. Then you must go to the Dramafire (Dramacool). Because online user experience is good on this website but Kissreport site is better than this site in online service.

If you have any questions related to this article then you can ask us in the comment section. We will reply to your questions as soon as possible. We are glad to help you.

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