Can Chromebooks Get Viruses 2021?

The Chromebook is a popular new laptop that is designed to be used primarily with the Chrome browser and Google’s Chrome OS. This is the reason that Chromebooks are faster than other Windows laptops.

But most people are asking about, Can Chromebook get viruses? Should I download anti-viruses applications for my laptop? should I install antivirus software on a Chromebook?

It is hard to give one answer to this question Because Chromebooks can get viruses. But it is only possible when we take wrong actions on our Chromebook.

Can Chromebooks Get Viruses?

Can Chromebooks Get Viruses 2021?

Chromebooks come with built-in virus protection, which will help remove any malware from the system without compromising its performance. This means that even though Google’s operating system does not have traditional Windows updates, it still has automatic and continuous security patches installed by default.

Is Any Other Way For Viruses To Come To Chromebook?

Yes! there are chances of getting viruses if you download third-party apps/documents or may also be infected through websites. But don’t worry about this possibility because chrome OS comes with features like sandboxing which will help to stop viruses from spreading.

Also, there are few chances to get viruses in the Chromebook, because it doesn’t support apk files without turn on the developer’s mode.

Sometimes we need some apps that are not available on the play store and didn’t follow the Google guidelines.

If you turn ON the developer mode and install any third-party application on your Chromebook, then your Chromebook can get viruses.

Because most third-party applications have malware in them.

Should I Install Any Anti-Viruses In Chromebook?

NO! As I told you, Chrome OS has built-in virus protection which will help remove any malware from the system without compromising its performance. Now if you want to be more protective about your Chromebook or laptop then just give the latest updates to your Chromebook.

Or you can install any trusted anti-virus application from the Chromebook play store and scan your Chromebook.

It is not necessary to do, But if you have any very important data in your Chromebook or worry about viruses, then you must do that.

Installing Third-Party Apps In Chromebook In Dangerous?

To install any third-party application in Chromebook, It required the developer’s mode ON.

And, If you install any third-party application in your Chromebook, then Chances are higher that your Chromebook will get viruses. On top of that, visiting any malware site that also contains viruses.

In my opinion, you must use trusted apps and websites to download anything for the internet. That’s how you can save your Chromebook from viruses.


In the end, I just want to say that, Chromebooks are safe if you are using them for the internet. But if you really want to be more protective about your Chromebook, Just give an update and follow some simple safety rules like use trusted sites and apps only.

I hope this article is helpful for you. I tried to give all answers to your questions. If you have any type of question related to this topic, you can ask us, in the comment section.

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