Best Showbox Alternative For Pc To Watch Movies Free

Showbox was an amazing to view latest movies for free. It was One of the most trending topic among android users on that time.

But anyway, we all know that this does not work anymore. If you are looking for showbox alternative for pc then you are on the right page.

You can use the following resource to view movies/web series for free.

Netflix At $2.99

What if I tell you that you can get a Netflix account at just $2.99 only. This affordable alternative is better than free options.

On the website, you can get Netflix at just $2.99 as you can see in the screenshot.

Probably a question raise in your mind, Is this website is working or just another scam. Well, this site is 100% working. For the proof check the following collage image. As you can see the email address is the same.

Accountbot has also a good reputation online. And if it is a scam then you will lose only $2.99 that isn’t big deal for today’s generation common man.

Keep in mind that, you are using a shared Netflix account. Changing password or email is also isn’t allowed.

You will end up losing account if you try to change email or password.

Torrent Sites

Torrent is another famous source of downloading the latest movies for free. But we all are familiar with the government ban & fine if anyone tried to access the torrent.

That’s where a VPN comes into play. But if you still worry that maybe VPN isn’t good for downloading. Then check your recent article about how to save send a torrent file to google drive.

These are few best sites to download Movies

  4. TorLock

You will find more sites once you get deep into this torrent world. Showbox was fetch content from the torrent. So definitely it is better alternative option.

By the way, if you don’t have VPN then you can get nordvpn account at few bucks from the accountbot website.

By BlueStack

In case you are not familiar with the bluestack basically, it is an android emulator for the windows. Mean, you can install android apps on Microsoft windows with the help of this app.

Like this you can so many apps such as Netflix moded app that will provide you every netflix moive/web series for free.

This app also doesn’t need any login or sign up. Just install and try enjoying movies.

There are so many other apps that you can use. Here are few best apps.

MegaBox HD

This is a streaming app for android & ios users. This app specializes in HD content. Unlike other apps it allows you to choose the quality once you select a stream. App design is simple & effective.

Playbox HD

playbox & MegaBox are almost the same apps. Except for a few minority features & names. As both apps’ names suggest you can find HD content. The streaming speed is also fast enough. Moreover, you can download the content offline as well.


The third app is Vudu. Unlike other apps, this app is available in the google play store. Now this means this app is safe to use. You don’t need to worry about privacy.

But it also means you will not find a lot of the latest content here. Let’s face it, All streaming services that publish yesterday released movie on their platform isn’t legal.

Google doesn’t want to deal with that kind of apps, that’s why Showbox or other similar apps aren’t available in the play store.

But still, you can find a lot of movies on this app because it is completely free to use.


its developer tried to create free copy of netflix. Similar to Vudu it is available in the play store.

A majority of content is available Either in 720p or 1080p. While finding the content you can apply filters such as language, genre, etc.



In case you need the software version of Showbox then try pocorntime. It is available for Windows, IOS, Android & Mac & Linux operating systems.

Poocorntime is completely free to use. It comes with no restriction. Majority of content is available in the HD format.

This app is also designed for android tv. A definitely Yes to this for folks looking for free ways to get entertained.

Final Words

There are so many alternative to the showbox. But I have tried to write about only about the best one instead of the writing alternative that are just waste of time for you.

If you think that I missed an amazing alternative then let me know by the comment section.

You can also question in the comment section. In case you are visiting imagediamond first time then check some other articles.

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