Case Studies: Before and After Increase File Size

Do you need a way to enlarge images for your website? If yes, then you don’t need to skim any further articles. Today, we will discuss a case study of before and after increase file size. Image enlargement is the most significant key to getting a better SEO ranking. 

Google prefers websites that have high-quality and optimized images. Nowadays, there are hundreds of online tools available on the internet for image enlargement processes. We will also cover one of those fantastic image enlargers, ImageDiamond. 

Importance of High-Quality Images 

High-quality images are preferred everywhere, whether preparing a presentation, uploading them on social media, or designing a website. Following are some important points to share about the importance of high-quality images.  

  • Pixelated and blurry pictures look sloppy and generate an unprofessional look. However,  high-quality images make your website look professional and unique.
  • HD images give a better user experience to viewers and help them build trust in your website’s content.
  • If you have an online store, your image quality can enhance your sales ratio and earn you more profit.
  • It helps you reduce the bounce rate of your website and makes a user spend more time on it.
  • Images can easily capture a viewer’s attention, elicit strong feelings, and convey a message.
  • People are more likely to share content that includes high-quality images.
  • High-quality images help you rank in search engines and get monetization.

How do Pictures Lose Quality when they get Larger? 

To increase image size can be tricky because it includes changes in dimension and number of pixels. If not done with the right photo enlarger, there’s always an increase in the number of pixels. These additional pixels become more prominent when an image gets larger. Moreover, they assume the color of nearby pixels and give a picture a blurry and pixelated look. 

Top Image Size Increaser: ImageDiamond 

It can be challenging to correctly increase size of image because if you don’t, it might appear stretched, blurry, or lose quality. So, you should always choose the best tool to enlarge images that can make this complex process smooth for you. Well! You don’t need to worry about anything because I’m here to help you. I recommend you get your hands on ImageDiamond’s image enlarger. is one of the top image size increasers available on the internet. It works for free and doesn’t charge you a single rupee. This online tool does not require registration and operates in the device’s built-in browser. You can enjoy its free services 24/7 without any hindrance. This increase image size online tool respects the value of your precious time and allows you to upload a maximum of 10 images at once.

Directions to Use ImageDiamond Increase File Size Tool

This tool can increase size of image up to double, but you need to ensure the photos in jpeg and jpg image formats are up to the file size of 5MB. Follow the given steps to use ImageDiamond’s photo enlarger.

Upload Images

Open ImageDiamond’s image enlarger in your browser and upload the desired images you want to upload. 

Adjust Size

You will see a scale from 1-100 and a size under the scale. Adjust the size on the scale until you are satisfied.


Look at the preview and click on the download button. Your edits will stay for the next 24 hours in “My Files.” 

Final Word

High-quality images can take your business and website to new heights. They appeal to the audience and enhance the user experience. You need to convert your low-quality images into high-quality images to achieve a better SEO ranking. This article explored the importance of high-quality photos and the top increase file size tool, ImageDiamond.    

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