How to Ensure Photos are High-Resolution with Photo Enlarger Tool?

High-resolution images leave a positive impact on a viewer. HD and optimized images for the web play a phenomenal role in enhancing performance and generating revenue for you via monetization. So it is very influential to upload HD images on your websites. Have you ever considered upgrading your website’s low-quality images to HD ones? If yes, then no need to skim different articles. Today we will discuss how to ensure that your images are high-resolution with the Photo Enlarger tool. Keep Reading!

Significance of High-Resolution Images 

  1. HD images are important for attracting more traffic to your website and helping you attain a better ranking in search engines.
  2. They give a better user experience to the users and leave a positive impact on your website. 
  3. The use of high-quality images decreases the bounce rate of your website.
  4. Using high-resolution images in your content enhances the possibility that the audience will share the content of your website.
  5. High-resolution images are more accessible. They provide you with more options to edit a photo multiple times like resizing, removing the background, etc.
  6. You can use a high-resolution image for multiple purposes such as on your other social media posts, ads, and YouTube thumbnails. 

How can we transform a low-quality image into a high-quality image?

If you aren’t familiar with editing photos, there’s no need to worry. Just follow these steps to transform your low-quality into a high-quality one.

  1. Open a Photo Editor

In your device’s browser, open an online photo editing tool like ImageDiamond’s Image Enlarger.

  1. Upload Images

Upload the desired images you want to enhance the quality of. You can upload 10 pictures up to 5MB in size.

  1. Select the Value on Scale 

You will see a scale (1-100) and a size option under it. Change the value on the scale, and you will see its size change.

  1. Preview 

Once you get the desired size, look at the preview section. You can still change the size if you are not satisfied.

  1. Download the Edit

If you are satisfied with the edit, click on the download icon.

The Best Platform to Enlarge Photos for High-Resolution Images

The Internet is overflowing with hundreds of applications and software to enlarge images that provide services for image enhancement. Choosing the best photo enlarger tool can be challenging sometimes, but no more worries. We are here to clear all confusion. Imagediamend’s image enlarger is the best tool. Let’s discuss its uses and features in detail.

ImageDiamond’s Photo Enlarger 

ImageDiamond is the best platform that offers outstanding services to enhance quality or enlarge photos by up to 100%. It keeps your edited work safe on the web for the next 24 hours. You can easily retrieve your edit from the “My Files” section. It supports JPG and JPEG images. It’s a free Photo Enlarger tool, so there is no need to purchase a subscription.

Main Features 

  • It is a web-based tool to enlarge photos that work within the browser of your device.
  • ImageDiamond is the only image size increaser that can increase image size without disturbing the high quality.
  • You can enhance unlimited image quality without paying a single cent.
  • You don’t need to create an account on ImageDiamond, it can still keep your edits safe for 24 hours.
  • It doesn’t alter the number of pixels and keeps your photo at high resolution.
  • This image size increaser has a user-friendly interface and is responsive to all gadgets to increase image size or enlarge images. 

Final Word

HD images play a pivotal role in the performance of the website. They increase the user experience by making the website look catchy to the audience. If the image’s quality is not good, it will leave a flawed impression on users. Using high-resolution images is the basic step to achieve a monetized website. As we discussed in this article, ImageDiamond’s Photo Enlarger is the best tool to ensure that your images are in high resolution. It is available online for free with a simple interface.

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