Lucky Patcher Alternatives And Similar Apps 2024

If you are how lucky patcher works and you already used it for several apps. But later on you find that that lucky doesn’t work for all apps and you want more similar apps then you are on the right page.

Some users find lucky patcher difficult to use, If you are one of them and looking for easy to an alternative then you are on the right page.

Published this article took an enormous amount of time because researching and finding the best apps consume a lot of time.

Because we have taken an enormous amount of time you don’t need to waste time us finding the best alternative apps.

If you have feedback or you faced any problem then let us know in the comment section. We will happy to help you.

Apps Like Lucky Patcher To Use An Alternative

Here are the best apps like lucky patcher for downloading paid apps for free. If you think that I miss an important app let me know by the comment section.


Appsara so far the best alternative to a lucky patcher. It is also a very old app like lucky patcher.

It works in a very similar way. Sometimes you need to clear the data of the app on which you want to apply appsara.

This app can help you to get unlimited coins. First of all, you have to enable the status by opening the app. There isn’t a lot of settings, Enable to status, and open the app in which you want unlimited coins.

Click on the purchase coins and it will show you a popup window with the title of appsara. Then within seconds, it will show you success.


It may not work with some latest smart apps. The reason for this is app developers do not like these kinds of apps. They want people to spend on purchasing coins. However, still it works with the vast majority of apps.

You can try the old versions that you can download free from the internet. By the way, you don’t need to root your phone for using this app.

It is free available and doesn’t have a lot of ads.


Another popular app for cracking apps. This app continuously getting updates. For these kind’s of it is very important updates, because as app developers keep fixing these apps from cracking their codes. With updates these apps again start working.

Freedom is already used by million of users. This app works any phone having greater than 2.3 versions.

Except getting unlimited coins you can also remove ads. Thanaks for developers for updates it come with multiple patches.

Just make sure you have 100 MB free space for installing this space. There are tons of sites for downloading this app free.

This app works with both root and non-rooted android devices. However rooting your phone will provide you more features that are not possible with non rooted phone.

Bottom line Freedom is the best alternative to lucky patcher.


This is another cracking app that is getting popularity among android users. As clear from its name this app is mainly developed for android games.

Its developer didn’t create it for making money. It created this app as a fun project and help people like you who don’t want to spend money.

Last time I use this app it even worked with clash of clans. This app is also available for iPhone users as well. However installing on IOS os is very complicated. You need computer and it requires several steps.


Just make sure you are phone having an android version greater than 2.3. This app size is only 9.5 MB. Even after the installation, it doesn’t take a lot of space in the phone.

The limitation of this it doesn’t work with all of the apps especially apps that are getting continuous updates. If you found this app is not working on the game that you are trying to crack try the older versions.

There are a lot of sites on the internet where you can find older versions, just search on google.

Crack App Sites

There are a lot of sites on the internet especialize in the cracked version of apps & games.

In fact, we have published a list of these kinds of sites. Sometimes you will find out that neither a lucky patcher nor any similar app is working on some specific app or game.

In this scenario, I will recommend you to use Google or some famous apps for downloading a crack version of apps.

These free sites that I find through the internet never disappointed me. I always find the crack app.

There is rarely an app of which you can’t find the cracked version on the internet. These sites are under some professional crackers who reverse engineer the code and manipulate code for getting unlimited coins

Where apps just apply the same algorithm that sometimes works sometimes doesn’t. However, the only downside is you download a crack version for every specific app.

Sometimes you have to test 2-3 sites for finding one crack versions.


Cree hack is another working app that can already be used by more than 2 million users. This app doesn’t require any root for working.

This app is also mainly used by gamers. Just make sure your phone has a greater than android 4.0 version.


If you want to get the true potential of this app then you need to root your phone. Actually for almost all cracking apps to get true potential you need to root your phone.

I’m testing a lot of rooting apps on my phone that’s why I use and prefer MI smartphones. Unlike other brands, your warranty will not end on rooting the phone.

Anyway, similar to other apps it is great app. Here is the list of compatible games.

2. And Wobble
3. Anger of Stick 2
4. Anger of Stick 3
5. Armored Aces – 3D Tanks Online[3D, Online]
6. AVP: Evolution [3D]
7. Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague
8. Bright Weather
9. Calc+ Powerful calculator
10. CALCU: The Ultimate Calculator
11. Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 [3D, G-sensor]
12. City Island
13. Contra: Evolution
14. Cut the Rope
15. Cut the Rope: Time Travel
16. Crash Drive 2
17. Critical Strike Portable [3D, Online]
18. Dark Lands
19. Dark Reaper Shoots! [3D]
20. Dead Effect [3D]
21. Dead on Arrival 2 [3D]
23. Dragons: Rise of Berk [3D, Online]
24. EZ Weather
25. Froggy Jump
26. FxGuru v1.0.4
27. Galaxy on Fire 2TM HD [3D]
28. Goat Rampage PRO [3D]
29. Goblin Defenders: Steel ‘n’ Wood
30. God of Light
31. Go Launcher EX
32. GPS Navigation & Maps by Scout
33. Groopic
34. HabraCitizen
35. Hungry Shark Evolution [3D]
36. I Am Vegend: Zombiegeddon
37. IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger
38. Jewels Saga
39. JotterPad X: Writer
40. Judge Dredd vs. Zombies
41. KK Locker (KitKat & Android L)
42. Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign
43. Money Mine: KnmKep
44. Monsters University [3D]
45. MovieRide FX
46. Offroad Legends
47. Oggy 48. Papyrus
49. Pick a Pet
50. Pinball Rocks HD
51. Pirate Hero 3D
52. Plague Inc.
53. Racing Air [3D, G-sensor]
54. Retro Runners
55. Quoda Code Editor
56. Shadowess
57. Shadow Fight 2
58. Shape’d
59. Shoot The Zombirds
60. Simple Rockets
61. Sketchman
62. Slide Soccer [3D, Online]
63. SpongeBob Diner Dash
64. Star Chart
65. Star Warfare: Alien Invasion [3D, Online]
66. Static Quest: The Delivery
67. The Maze Runner[3D, G-sensor]
68. The Smurfs Village
69. Temple Run [3D, G-sensor]
70. Terraria
71. The Collider Premium
72. Vector
73. Video PokerTm-Poker Casino Game
74. Zalive – Zombie survival
76. Fool
77. Small Commander
78. Masters of Backgammon
79. Not Another Teen Game
80. The siege of the Galaxy 2
81. Soldiers of Glory: The New War
82. Soldiers of Glory: WWII

Cheat Engine

Cheap engine is another recommended apk for getting unlimited coins in the games. Cheat engine does not have apk for android. You can also find their projects for computers.

It is an open-source project. Open source meaning anyone can view the source code who this particular application is built. For an ordinary person, it means you are safe to use open source projects because there is no third party company that will steal your data.

Unlike pc users, their app isn’t as popular as among android users. It doesn’t mean this app doesn’t work etc.

It is definitely a reliable app that can crack many apps & games. It is also very straightforward to use. Similar to other apps it will not work with all apps.

Game Killer

Another popular app for cracking games among Android users. Game killer is already used by 2 million users.

Few years ago, this app was getting new patches as developers keep updating their games. However, in these days there is no regular updates.

Game Killer
Game Killer

Another con of this app is unlike other apps rooting is a must. You can’t use a single feature without rooting. That’s why I have put this app at the end of the list. I know not the vast majority of folks like to rooting their phone.

It is also very old app. I found issues while working with newly developed games. It is old app.

Still because it can crack many games I thought it will good idea to list this app.

Final Words

I have tested all apps that I could find through the internet. Here are the working apps. My favorite way is to use google.

The reason behind it is sometimes developers fix cracking with the latest updates. However, with google, you can always find the app with unlimited coins and other game specific things.

If you have feedback for this article let us know by the comment section.

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