3 Ways to Increase Resolution of Image – Definition of an Image Completely Free

In this digital era, images are an important part of our lives. There are two types of images, High-resolution and low-resolution images. High-resolution have a maximum number of pixels, and low-resolution images have less number of pixels. When it comes to marketing images and some personal images, Increase Resolution of Images is the first thing that matters. 

If images are blurred, it creates a problem for the user to see. Also, low-resolution images take time to upload and make the website slow. Everything has advanced so much that there are free best websites where you can edit and increase the photo quality of your low-quality images to high-quality. In this article, we will discuss the top 3 ways how to increase resolution of image and the definition of an image completely free.  

Top 3 Ways to Increase Resolution of Image

High-Quality images are eye-catchy and don’t get pixelated on zoomed-in. But if you don’t find any best way to improve the resolution and definition of a picture. You can check these top 3 ways to Increase the resolution of image and use it for free. 

1. Fotor

Fotor is the best tool to enhance the resolution of images, and this tool assists you create blur photos to clear. This tool lets you enhance the photo resolution, sharpen the details, and remove the background of the images. You can increase image size and low quality to 4K HD quality. Its mobile application is also available. 

You need to just search “Fotor” on your device’s browser and upload the images that you want in high-resolution and definition. Hit the “Convert” button and download a picture on your device. 

2. ImageDaimond Image Enlarger

High-quality Images play an extraordinarily vital role in engaging more audiences and making them spend more time on your website. You can use an ImageDaimond image Enlarger tool to Increase Resolution of Image. This tool makes your blur and low-quality pictures into high-resolution images. ImageDiamond is the best Image Enlarger or image size increaser tool. You can increase image size and improve photo quality without changing the number of pixels. 

This Image Enlarger tool keeps your editing work safe for 24 hours without requiring any sign-up.  If you lost your edit, you can recover it within 24 hours by clicking on my files section. It’s a free web-based image size increaser tool that can enlarge images in JPEG or JPG format photos without affecting the pixels.

3. UpscalePics

Upscalepics is a web-based tool for image enhancement and removing JPEG artifacts. The best thing about this tool is its user-friendly interface, and no special knowledge is required to use this tool. This tool allows you to beautify your images with just a few clicks. This tool offers brightness adjustment, contrast enhancement, and saturation improvement. 

Open it on your device browser and drag a picture into the input field of its website. Adjust the setting and resolution and then convert it. After converting it into a high-resolution, you can download your image on your device. You can use it for free, and a premium version of this tool is also available. 

Final Words

High-resolution images have a great impact on your website’s performance. HD images are eye-catchy and play a vital role in engaging the audience. If you have low-quality pictures and you want to convert that images into high-resolution images and increase image size, you can check our guide. Here, we discussed the top 3 ways to Increase Resolution of Image and the definition of an image completely free.

In the end, we cleared you the best tool to increase size of image and increase resolution of image is ImageDiamond’s Image Size Increaser tool.

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