Reduce Image File Size in Real-World Web Development Projects

Today we will negotiate an easy tool that will help you to reduce image file size in real-world web development projects. Humans are visual beings and process visual data better than text. However, when it comes to your website’s performance, the domain of image compression’s significance is next level. If you don’t want Google to de-rank your website, then you should know the importance of the image compressor tool in the real-world web development of your project.

What is Photo Compression?

Image compression online is an excellent way to compress image without losing quality or appearance. It reduces the bytes of image information by using AI-generated algorithms and re-writing the image data in a way that occupies less storage space. 

Importance of Reduce Image File Size in Web Performance

Photo compression is essential to obtaining a website with a better SEO ranking. Compressed images occupy less space and are easily uploaded, taking less data. Following are some significant points of photo size reducer in your web performance.  

  • Compressed images decrease the website’s loading time, which directly leads to a better user experience.
  • They decrease the bounce rate of a website and help a user build trust in your website.
  • A website with compressed and optimized images has a better chance of ranking in search engines, which means more bank balance.
  • Compressed images occupy less storage space and don’t overload a website server. 

How can we Compress Images in Real-World Web Development?

You can reduce size of image for your web in your real-world web development project using either of the two methods.

  1. By using the Image Compression Plugin

You can add a photo compression plugin to your web development design. This plugin will automatically optimize and compress image size before uploading it to your website. You can install a new image size reducer plugin on your existing website as well. They are easy to use and have the ability to compress previously uploaded images as well.

  1. By using any Online Photo Compressor

You can use an image size compressor as well for compressing your website images. They are available for free and work within the browser on your device. Hence, there’s no need to engage yourself in the hassle of any installation. You just need to upload the desired images, and these tools can reduce image file size for your website in a few minutes.

Best Online Tool to Reduce Size of Image for Your Website  

It is challenging to locate the best and most genuine tool to compress photos for your website among all the hundreds of photo editors available online. ImageDiamond is the best photo compressor in this regard. It will save you from all the hassle of the photo compression process and compress images for your website effortlessly. It uses trendy AI algorithms that reduce size of image without damaging its high quality. You can upload multiple pictures for compression at once.

Main Features  

ImageDiamond’s image size reducer offers you the following outstanding features.  

Super fast Compression

Its compressing algorithm is super fast, works within a few moments, and compresses all your selected images in just a few minutes.

Friendly Interface

The User-friendly interface is another incredible feature of this file compressor. No prior knowledge is required to use this tool.

Secure Tool

It ensures that all your images are fully secure and that nobody can violate the copyright of your high-resolution pictures. It’s a protected web-based image compressor with no malware threats.

Unlimited Access

This photo compressor offers you unlimited access to compressing your images for free. You can compress photos unlimited until this web-based tool is available.

Add Multiple Images

This image file size reducer respects your time and doesn’t let you repeat the same process for each image. It lets you select multiple photos at once and compress them simultaneously. 

Supported Devices

It supports Android, macOS, Linux, iOS, desktops, laptops, and tablets.

Wrap Up       

High-definition images with large sizes slow down a website, so it is essential to compress images from the beginning of designing the web. You can compress image size by installing the plugin or using the online compressor tool. ImageDiamomd is the best online image compressor that helps you reduce image file size for your website.

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