MasterClass Free Account: 3 Methods 2024

Online education is on the boom, especially after the lockdown. That’s why we are seeing so many platforms offering online education.

Either you can want to clear an exam or want to learn a skill, the internet got you.

Masterclass stands from the rest. Unlike any mediocre platform, it hires professionals to create course.

From writing to Music you can learn from professionals. On the top of that, their video quality is top-notch which enhances the learning experience.

They have also an app available for both android & iPhone that makes learning even more convenient.

However, the masterclass is not free. It cost $15/month. For some people, it is a lot of money.

If you can’t afford and looking for free methods then you are on the right page. If you follow my instruction then you don’t need to make another search on google for a free masterclass account.

If you have any query at the end of this article then let me know by the comment section.

Here are the methods to get a masterclass free account.

1) Using Accountbot

You must be wondering what is accountbot. This is a website where you can purchase other sites accounts at an affordable price.

Accountbot offers everything from Netflix to NBA. Here is the price of the masterclass.

masterclass free account

Just $20 instead of $180 if you try to purchase through the official website. I know this isn’t 100% free. However, it is the best method.

Free methods stop working after a period of time however accountbot does not let you down.

If you are skeptical about accountbot then I will share the proof with you however before that let me share steps to order masterclass on accountbot.

  1. First of all, visit accountbot website. Click on the register from left sidebar and create your account.
  1. Once your account is created then go to explore and scroll down until you don’t find masterclass as shown in the screeshot.
masterclass icon acountbot
  1. Click on it, it will ask for time period of account. I will suggest you to go with annual account because here you can save $160. I’m purchasing for the demo so I will go with 1 month plan.
masterclass price
  1. Once you decided then click on purchase. It will take you to checkout page. Select the payment method that you like. While writing this article accountbot allow card, crypto currency and apple pay to make payments.
  1. Once you made the accunt you will see page like this. if you are seeing different successful page, don’t worry simple type accountbot in the browser address bar.
  2. Now go subscription from left sidebar. Here you will see masterclass icon click on it.
  3. It will take you account generator page. Click on the generate button it will provide you an account as shown in the screeshot.
  1. Now go to masterclass and login with credentils provided by accountbot.

That’s it.

If you found your account is not working then try contacting accountbot team. It is a big website sometimes you don’t get a working account on the first attempt.

I have contacted them for Scribd account. They replaced my account in less than 12 hours. You can raise a ticket from the left sidebar.

accountbot support


To show you that accountbot is a working website I have logged in to masterclass and checked the subscription of the account.

I found that it is a premium account. As you can see in the collage that email address is the same. One image is from the masterclass and another image is from the masterclass profile section.

accountbot proof

I have written several articles on accountbot, every time they provide a working account. Sometimes I face problems but their friendly support always solves my queries.

Masterclass Username & Password

If you are not comfortable paying few dollars to accountbot then this method is for you.

I have a list of working masterclass accounts that I’m going to share with you.

I have only one request, please don’t change the password nor email. See when you change the password/email the account owner contact masterclass support.

Because he is paying money so masterclass will recover their account at any cost. So eventually you will lose the account.

You may not find a working account at the first attempt so keep trying.

[email protected]macmac90
[email protected]987canvrc
[email protected]098n359m
[email protected]lil958naca
[email protected]0948mm45
[email protected]lil958naca

Let’s be honest with you for a second. There are multiple reasons that no blogger can provide you list of working accounts. There are two reasons behind this. 

  1. His website will be suspended for sharing accounts (Happened with me)
  2.  We will lose money instead of making

Now either you can accept the truth or you can waste your time by trying fake accounts. This is the truth, the sooner you can understand more time you can save.

But don’t get disappointed, I have another free method for you.

Using Internet

Its no doubt there are other people who also want a masterclass account for free.

That’s why some people share this premium content for free. You need to find these kinds of people.

You can make a search on google/youtube or try Facebook groups.

However, the best method is torrent. I hope you are fully aware of the torrent at this point.

The only problem is torrent is ban in many countries. Accessing the torrent will result in a paid fine.

That’s why VPN is a must. By the way, accountbot also provides premium VPNs accounts at an affordable price.

Here are the best torrent sites that you can try


There are alternative solutions available as well that you can try to learn any skill. Skillshare is one of them. It is pretty cheap and its content is pretty good too.

You can also learn from google & youtube. Definitely, you will find more advance stuff however finding the content is a time-consuming task.

Final Words

So what method you are going to choose from? I have shared all the working methods with you.

There are some fake methods available on the internet like masterclass mod apk that don’t work.

I have shared all the working methods that can help you to get masterclass premium content or an account. At the end of the day, you are looking for masterclass content to learn a new skill not the actual account.

So you can try alternative solutions as well. Anyway, I hope you got value from this article. If you have any questions or query then let me know by the comment section.

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