Solving the Challenges to Increase Size of Images

Low-quality images leave a bad influence on users, and high-quality images can slow down the server. Are you also facing the same issues? If so, there is no need to search further because you are already in the right spot. Today, we will discuss solving the challenges to increase size of image. Keep Reading!

Images are an integral part of a website and play an exceptional role in its performance. They take up to 60% of the total bandwidth of a website. Therefore, it is imperative to find solutions to every problem that images may cause for a website. Image size is one of the most common issues website owners face. 

Why do we need to Increase Size of Image?

The file size of the images is the key to a website’s design and success rate. Low-quality images can have a negative impact on the viewer, while high-quality images appeal to the viewer. Imagine two online shoe stores selling the same pair of shoes, but one of them has posted a blurry picture while the other has posted an HD picture. Now, decide who has more chances of getting a sale. Of course, the one with an HD image. Moreover, the website with high-quality pictures looks professional and helps the viewer build trust.   

Challenges you may face while Increasing Image Size

Without the proper image size increaser, the process of enlarging images can be difficult. You may face the following challenges while increasing image size:

  • You may lose the original quality of the picture while resizing it.
  • If a picture is not created with the right tools, it might appear pixelated or grainy.
  • The dimensions and aspect ratio of the images may be disturbed while increasing image size.
  • Incorrect image size may ruin the aesthetic of your editing work.
  • While enlarging the image, you might accidentally save it in the incorrect file format. 
  • When editing PNG photos, the issue of lost or changed image transparency is most prevalent.   

ImageDiamond is the Best Image Enlarger 

Numerous online tools claim to image size increase online but fail to satisfy the needs with their results. But that’s not the case with the ImageDiamond photo enlarger tool. It is a tried and tested tool. This tool is one of the best and most widely used that can increase size of image and it also saves your edited work for 24 hours. 


ImageDiamond image size increaser offers you the following outstanding features.   

Free Tool

Using the free online image enlarger, you can upgrade an unlimited number of enlarged photos for no cost at all.

Image Size 

This incredible tool can increase size of image by up to 100%. You just need to upload images and adjust the scale to your desired size.

Multiple Images  

You can upload up to 10 images at once for upscaling to save your precious time. Just make sure that they are in the range of 5 MBs.  


Some image size increasers are tough to use for beginners, but that’s not the case with ImageDiamond. It has a friendly interface that is easy to operate.

File Format

You can image increase size of the jpeg and jpg file formats of images. It doesn’t support the PNG file format.   

Supported Gadgets 

It supports desktops, laptops, iPads, iPhones, tablets, and mobile phones.

Final Word

Images are vital to how we live in the digital age, whether they are used for personal or professional purposes. However, the process to enlarge images online can be challenging, but with the right tool like ImageDiamond, it can be fun. You can use this increase size of image tool for free and save yourself from facing issues with how images are resized.  

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