How To Hack A Computer On The Same Network Using Cmd

Hacking is the magic in the computer world. On the imagediamond, we have published various articles on hacking such as how to hack Instagram, Gmail, wifi router, termux commands for beginners, etc.

In this article I will show you to hack computer using cmd. The only condition is you and another computer should be on the same network.

If you are interested in hacking then I will recommend installing kali Linux. This operating system is made for hackers.

You will get all the tools pre-installed in kali. There are some tools that you can install on Windows operating systems but there are a lot of pentesting tools available that work only on Linux operating system.

What is CMD exactly?

Cmd stands for command prompt. Basically using you can run commands. There are a lot of operating in windows that are not possible with the graphical user interface, you can only do it with commands.

CMD is the program where you can run your commands. The same way Linux and OS X have terminal.

Anyway, here is the step by step tutorial on how to hack computer using CMD.

  1. Press ctrl+r, then type cmd and hit enter. It will open cmd (command prompt)
  2. Type net view. This is a command that will display all the connected devices. If you have multiple devices connected including smartphones then you need to some hard work.
  3. Then type tracert computer_name. Tracert is the command that is used for tracking. It will display the local IP address of the other computer. I assume you are familiar with the concept of IP address at this point.
  4. Now in the search type remote desktop and open the remote desktop connection program.
  5. A dialogue box will appear, type the IP address of another computer that you got from the 3rd command.
  6. Click on the connect. If Now it will ask the Administrator password of another computer. You should have the password of another computer. If it doesn’t connect successfully, probably it is not a Windows computer, try another machine.

If you don’t know the password then try to guess it or simply ask the person 😅.

When you enter the correct password then it will display the another computer window. You can control it like controlling own machine.

Final Words

I hope you got value from this article. If you have any question or queries then let me know by the comment.

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