How To Hack Router Username & Password Using Cmd In 2021

Wifi hacking means you can get free internet. Most people aren’t satisfied with this, they want more.

Hacking router username & password means you can control the internet. Stop over using wifi they you want, block specific devices etc.

Here in this article I will show you step by step tutorial to hack wifi router using cmd also known as command prompt.

Although windows aren’t made for hacking, Linux is the best if you want to become ethical hacker.

However, some simple things such as finding router password is possible by CMD.

Here are your steps.

  1. First open cmd, press windows key+ r then type cmd and press enter. It will launch cmd as you can see in the screenshot. Make sure to find the router password, you should be connected to the network by cable to the wireless network.
    hack router using cmd
  2. type ipconfig. It will show a lot of data. You don’t need to understand all of the data. Just see the value front of a Default gateway as shown in the screenshot. If your computer is connected to multiple networks by cable then make you are viewing under the wifi section.
    router IP cmd
  3. Now open the browser, type the default gateway IP address in the address bar and press enter.
  4. It will ask you for a username & password.
  5. Most of the time, people don’t change the default username password. Here is the list of usernames & passwords that you can try.

On successful login it will look something like this one.

login successful

Things You Can Do After Hacking Router Password

Here are things that people love to do after getting router password.

  • Discounting other devices for fast speed
  • Blocking specific device of their friends for fun
  • Changing Wifi Password and Router password for fun

In case default login details didn’t worked then you can apply word list attack method to hack router password.

For apply wordlist attack you need Kali Linux or any other linux distribution. I think this is topic for another article. If you want step by step tutorial on this, let me know by the comment section.

I will happy to write an article for you. In case you have any other question or query let me know by the comment section. We are here for help.

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3 thoughts on “How To Hack Router Username & Password Using Cmd In 2021”

  1. The article was really helpful. My network provider has changed the default router password, now I am having only a wifi login password, I need to change the default password of the router without a reset, Can you please post another article on step by step tutorial on a wordlist.

  2. This procedure requires access to the individual’s computer in order to use the CMD and that you have surrendered full access to the hacker individual. Secondly, you have assumptions that the username and password are still the defaults. If access to the computer is not allowed then this article is of no value.

  3. you don’t need pc access. You need computer that is connected to the same network. And 99% people don’t change password

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