What Is Faceniff? Does It Still Work In 2024?

In our daily life, we spend lots of time on social media. On top of that, we share lots of pictures, videos, and other information. But Did you know that can we hacked by someone and he can miss use of that?

Lots of people were used faceniff to hack Facebook. But the question is what faceniff and does it work in 2024? Read more know all about that.

What is Faceniff?

What is faceNiff Exactly?

Faceniff is an android app. Basically it can hack Facebook by session. When you log in to Facebook a session is started. Using Faceniff hackers can copy that session into their device.

To happen this, the victim & hacker need to on the same internet connection. It also needs a rooted android phone

Does faceniff work in 2024?

The short answer is NO, it doesn’t work in 2024 anymore. The reason why it isn’t working anymore is updated security by browsers & Facebook.

I know you come here to learn how to hack Facebook or other social media accounts. Don’t get dispointed. I have some other apps to hack facebook.

Alternatives Method to hack Facebook


Phishing is another very famous way of hacking accounts. In this, hackers create a fake login page. That looks similar to the original website. Then they send it to the victim via various methods.


Keylogger is the software that steals your every word that you write on the keyboard. It can send your all words on a hacker’s computer or other devices.

It is not possible to install in your automatically on android device. On the computer, it can be installed remotely.

Android phone users can get a list of free keyloggers here

Final words

I hope you understand both Methods to hack Facebook, Twitter & other social media platforms. You can use these methods in 2024.

But on your own risk. If you have any type of question or want to talk with us. Please leave a comment in the comment section.

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