The twins’ 80th birthday is celebrated with their mother, who is 103 years old

Any birthday is worth honouring, whether it is celebrated with loved ones, friends, or just yourself.

When you turn 80 years old with your identical twin and your mother, who is still living at 103, at your side, it is even more reason to celebrate.

Living in Brunswick, Maine, David Mosher and Winnie Mosher Merrill are incredibly thankful and lucky to still be sharing this special day with one another.

And they’re even happier because their mother, who is a century old, joined them in celebrating their 80th birthday.

Age 103 was Helen Mosher. Few individuals are able to have gone through this.  Also, they had recently celebrated the start of a new year.

When Helen gave birth to her twins, she was just 23 years old.

Numerous offspring came. And according to stories, she was lucky to share life with her 79 offspring when she reached their age.

twins celebrated 80th birthday with their mother

David and Winnie planned the meal and cake for the occasion while donning matching red sweaters. Helen prayed, though, and gave her family and the nation blessings before they began to eat.

As they sang “Happy Birthday” to the twins, their mother joined in, and their guests smiled and laughed.

Helen has experienced a lot.  And the combined 80th birthday party of David and Winnie was definitely one of her life’s high points.

She was aware that she took excellent care of herself in order to be able to live to be over a hundred years old.

She also did a fantastic job of raising her family and watching them develop. She was anxious for her children, as any mother would be, even if they were grown adults.

Helen enjoyed watching baseball as well, and she always kept track of each game.

103 years old mother

When Winnie married former Yankee Manager Stump Merrill, did she feel compelled to include baseball in their lives because of her love of the game?

The future? But one thing is certain—Andrew Benintendi of the Boston Red Sox continues to be Helen’s favorite player.

Helen received close to 76 grandkids, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren from David, Winnie, and their other brother, Richard. Amazing.

Birthday cake

The fact that they could commemorate their birthday and life’s greatest point was wonderful.

 103 years old mother

It would be Helen’s final birthday celebration with them. Eleven months after they reached this milestone, Helen would pass away. Helen passed away without any regret.

She passed away and was joined in heaven with Charles Mosher, her soul mate and husband of 64 years.

Twins celebrated 80th birthday with their 103 years old mother

They commemorated her life like any close family would, as she had commemorated their lives alongside her. And because of this, they remember their family matriarch with the warmest feelings.

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