Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova’s Love Story: How They’ve Been Happily Married for 21 Years Without Annulling Each Other

Even though this has changed a little over the past few years, Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova hardly ever attend public events, conduct interviews, or share photos of their families online.

They are one of the most shrouded-in-secrecy couples in entertainment because of this. They are an example couple for other celebrities and regular people because they have been married happily for 21 years, raising 3 children. 

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova's Love Story: How They've Been Happily Married for 21 Years Without Annulling Each Other

Enrique was a fairly well-known singer both in his native Spain and abroad. His single “Bailamos” shot to the top of the US charts after its release.

Iglesias released “Escape,” his second English-language album, in 2001. Tennis player Anna Kournikova was invited to appear in the music video for the first single, Escape, which was directed by Dave Meyers.

Enrique later praised the stunning athlete, saying, “She’s independent, beautiful, and funny.”

There are a few hot kissing scenes between Enrique and Anna in the video. Iglesias claimed in the making-of video that he didn’t have to be a skilled actor to kiss Anna and make it seem natural.

This is why it is not surprising that they were assumed to be dating by the media as soon as the video was made public.

They were constantly being pursued by reporters. However, they never confirmed it and stayed apart from one another in public.

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova's Love Story

By attending the MTV Awards together in 2002, Enrique and Anna made their relationship known to the public.  The first time they posed as a couple on the red carpet, they were beaming and holding hands.

Soon after, they moved in together in Miami, where Enrique already had some real estate.

Additionally, they worked hard to keep their relationship a secret from the general public.

By the way, over the years, there has never been any mention of their marital status or whether or not they have ever been married.

Therefore, there were many rumors about Enrique and Anna’s breakup for many years, but they were never confirmed.

The singer stated in 2011 that he prefers to keep his private affairs as discreet as possible, “And especially when you’re with someone who’s also famous and in the spotlight.”

They had typical couple issues, just like any other couple, Kournikova added on The Graham Norton Show.

She responded, “Yeah, and you find underwear, you know, everywhere and dirty socks and everything,” when asked if Iglesias had left his wet towels lying around.

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova's

Nicholas and Lucy, twins, are born to Enrique and Anna in December 2017. The news of Anna’s pregnancy was kept a secret from the fans, and Iglesias revealed it while performing in Budapest. And without a doubt, I’ll tell you two things: I adore my kids.

The well-known parents immediately began sharing adorable family photos on social media following the birth of the twins. Given how private they tend to be, it seemed completely unexpected.

The third child, a daughter named Mary, was born to Anna in January 2020. She changed her Instagram username around the same time, adding “Iglesias,” which led to rumors that they were married.

By the way, when reporters questioned Enrique about whether or not he changed his baby’s diapers, the father of three replied, “I actually do.

He also stated that he does not want his children to become musicians like himself but rather to follow in his mother’s footsteps.

I can honestly say that, if I had to choose one, sports would be it, he said.

Spending as much time together as possible, he claims, is the key to a happy family relationship.

“I’m fortunate enough at this point in my career that I can pick my schedule and make sure that I’m not away from the house for more than two weeks in a row,” Enrique told the British media. 

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