When A Toddler Tries To Dance To His Favorite Elvis Song, The Crowd Laughed

We can all agree that music is great. But sometimes, certain songs just make you want to get up and dance.

They’re very catchy and enjoyable to listen to. Of course, many of us would not dance in public, but children don’t have that filter yet. They’ll dance like nobody’s watching, even when everybody is watching.

This little boy from Denmark quickly became an Internet sensation when he started dancing to Elvis at a get-together. 2-year-old William Stokkebroe’s dance moves were so popular that they even got their name – the William Dance Shoe.

It looks like this young boy is going to be an Internet star for quite some time!

When A Toddler Tries To Dance To His Favorite Elvis Song, The Crowd Laughed

In addition, his parents created a toddler-focused dancing shoe business that they named after their son. “The William” is known as the perfect shoe for all boy dancers because of its unique and comfortable fit.

It’s incredible how some talents can run in families. For example, William’s parents are world-champion Latin dancers. William must have picked up some moves from watching them practice, and now his parents are thrilled to show off what their son can do.

Toddler Tries To Dance To His Favorite Elvis Song

William loves to jive, and he’s pretty darn good at it, too! The video features him strutting his stuff with complex moves that are notoriously difficult for anyone, let alone someone of his age.

But as you’ll see, William is more than up to the challenge, nailing every move smoothly. He’s so amazing for his age! Just imagine how he’ll dance with even more practice in the future. We can’t wait to see his progress in the years to come!

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