Toby Keith is sad: Cancer battle preventing me from accepting lifetime achievement award

Toby Keith, a legend of country music, broke the sad news to his fans on social media this week: due to his stomach cancer treatments, he will be unable to travel to receive his lifetime achievement award at The SabesWings’ Second Annual Strike Out Fundraiser.

His devoted following has showered him with support ever since he posted the video.

Keith Is “Sorry” He Cannot Receive the Award

Keith expressed his gratitude for receiving the award in a TikTok video and expressed regret over not being able to receive it in person.

After thanking “all the people at SabesWings,” Keith continued by describing the award in more detail.

Toby Keith, a star of country music, revealed his devastating cancer diagnosis in the past.

Toby Keith is sad: Cancer battle preventing me from accepting lifetime achievement award

According to him, “Bret and Kandace choose people for this honor in three categories: service to a group of people in need, making an impact in other people’s lives, and the common thread to work cooperatively with other groups sharing a purpose and passion.

According to MyRadioLink, Keith was alluding to the fact that Bret Saberhagen, a former MLB all-star baseball player, and his wife Kandace sponsored this fundraiser.

In the end, the fundraiser was a huge success, collecting $1,046,000 for the SabesWings charity, which aids cancer patients in need of financial support for medical expenses.

The 61-year-old singer expressed his pride at receiving the lifetime achievement award from SabesWings.

“I apologize that I was unable to attend the event; I’ve had a crazy year coping with cancer myself.

Keith continued by discussing the assistance that his charity, which bears his name, provides to cancer patients and survivors through SabesWings.

“In Oklahoma City, the OK Kids Korral was established by my charity, the Toby Keith Foundation.

For the cancer children and their families staying across the street from the Children’s Hospital, we provide lodging, meals, and transportation to and from the hospital, he said.

“We established the charity in an effort to lessen that burden. It genuinely is a dream realized.

Toby Keith Interview reveals about battle with Stomach Cancer

Outsider noted that viewers responded to Keith’s video by expressing their love and support for him in the comments section.

“I’ve seen you perform live three or four times, and I always have a great time. I wish you a speedy recovery. You’re a fantastic performer!

“Dear [Jesus], son of God, hear my prayers. Please take this man in your arms. I beg for comfort and healing,” one fan wrote, adding another. AMEN. GET BETTER, TOBY.

Another supporter spoke candidly about their own battle with cancer, adding, “Sending prayers for you and everyone battling cancer. My fiancĂ© passed away three years ago this month. Godspeed to you all.

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