These Comical Images Prove the Universe Is Trying to Mess With Us

Life is full of mysteries and surprises. You don’t know what your day will hold so it’s possible you might experience one or two “too good to be true moments.” But after looking through these pictures you will really question if all of these coincidences are just coincidences or a glitch in the matrix and a message from the universe.

When the Fell Sign Fell

Just imagine living on a Fell Street. It does not sound like the most perfect place to live. Frankly… it’s just “Fell,” no road or street or boulevard. No one knows the title of this place, it might be a circle ultimately. The one funny thing everyone knows is that in this case, Fell fell. Anyhow they had a backup plan in place, if and only if one of the signs did what it said it would be.

It seems like they really did not want anyone to get confused with the board signs here and put up double just in case one of them fell by some strange circumstance.

Somehow This Just Makes Perfect Sense

What happens when you combine the ads for one of the great cleaning products and the largest gas company? You get an annoying marketing message that in some way makes perfect sense. Divided exactly into two and set on top of each other, anyway the slogans mix up and perfectly to say  “Our goal is to completely kill the planet and 99% of bacteria on it for the lowest price”. Is it a coincidence or are they teaming up?

The branding and color schemes somehow even line up perfectly. You would nearly be led to believe that it was done purposely.

Somebody Was a Good Boy

This doggo looks to be quite the cutie, while a bit on the badly behaved side. What is the funniest part of all? It appears like he just acquired a certificate of Dog Obedience Training. Well, it seems like something did not go according to the plan in training. Might be possible he was just trying to prove a point by chewing and ripping up his newly earned certificate.

In spite of everything, this dog seems quite shameless in his act. He is basically proud of his naughty behavior and excited to show his parents exactly what he felt about his new training.

Stubbornness Kills, Even if You Deny It

Many people don’t want to do what is essential to protect their health by taking the required preventative tests. This advertisement is trying to show the risks of not taking the essential protections by telling people that “this year thousands of men will die from stubbornness”. It seems like one person choose to show just how stubborn they are by writing in big letters “NO WE WON’T” just beneath the sign.

It is quite difficult to tell if they are trying to be ironic, or funny, or if they are simply oblivious to their complete stubbornness. We hope that their stubbornness will not kill them.

It Doesn’t Take a Genius to See the Irony Here

At first, this just seems like a normal title for a new article which is talking about a recent study that discover cognitive ability is connected to non-compliance with social distancing instructions. Nevertheless, once you go to the comment section, you find the irony. Because a man writes that “I don’t know what lower cognitive ability means, but I surely will not be wearing a face mask anytime soon.”

This is one of the perfect examples of when someone should google something before posting a comment on the internet that everyone can see. You would not want to make a fool of yourself just like this man.

Back to School for Teachers and Parents

Do you think this is a simple mistake or an ironic statement by some employees with great humor? Anyway, it is hard not to laugh when you see this back to school display. It seems like back to school time means alcohol time for a few people. Whether it is for the parents celebrating some alone time or for teachers with their stressful work year ahead, it is quite funny. 

It might be possible they ran out of all their back-to-school supplies and had to fill the empty shelves with something else. And the only thing they could see was alcohol and they did not have time to switch the sign at the top.

Is It Made in China or Not?

This guy looks to be very proud to purchase a product that was not made in china. So proud that they find something that had “NOT made in China” written on the plank of the wood with the background of the American flag. Where is the sarcasm you ask.? Take a close look in the bottom right corner of the product and you will see the sad and hypocritical truth.

The little sticker in the corners says that this sign was clearly made in china, although what is written in big print on the product itself. 

They Could Never Understand Believing a Lie

It looks like just about every belief system considered that every other one is wrong and one big lie. This church went so far as to write a board outside that says “What if you’ve believed the same lie your whole life.?” The funniest part looks like they have not thought that possibly they are the ones believing a lie and not the other way around.

The saddest part of this board is that the people who made this sign will probably never understand the joke. At least all the people who drive by will see it and likely laugh a little.

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