The day’s highlighted story is Son Is Ashamed of Poor Elderly Mom at Wedding Until She Takes the Mic and Makes a Toast

Arnold is angry when he sees his poor mother at his wedding because he told her not to go. She offers him a gift and toasts him, and Arnold immediately starts weeping and falls to his knees.

“Well look, someone is happy as they leave the café. See how red she is blushing!” When a roar of laughter boomed throughout the restaurant’s kitchen, Diana’s employer said.

“You can count on us, Ms. Diana. When does the wedding start? “When people gathered around Diana, who couldn’t help blushing, a coworker inquired.

The day's highlighted story is Son Is Ashamed of Poor Elderly Mom at Wedding Until She Takes the Mic and Makes a Toast

“It starts this Sunday at 11 a.m. I’ll be anticipating seeing everyone at the church.”

The 60-year-old old’s at the café was cleaning. She had taken a half-day off work to find her only son, Arnold, the greatest wedding attire.

Diana looked for the blue suit for a very long period. She wasn’t bothered even though it was quite expensive. My youngster deserves to look his best, she reasoned.

Diana couldn’t wait to see her son’s face when she surprised him at home after spending all of her cash on purchasing him a suit.

I’m eager to witness his nuptials. Diana pondered. Since Arnold informed her of his intentions to marry Masha, she has been anxiously anticipating this time.

Son, see out what I have for you! With a suit in hand and a beaming smile on her face, Diana barged into their house. “You’ll adore this, I’m certain. Would you kindly try it on? The seller told me that if there was a problem with the fit, I could still swap it.”

Arnold grumbled as she pulled the outfit from the garment bag and showed it to him. He was dissatisfied.

“For my wedding, I’m not donning a typical suit. I should look my best because I’m marrying a rich man’s daughter. In that inexpensive suit, I would look awful.”

Diana began to cry as her eyes began to well up. She tried to act fine, but her son’s comments made her mute. Her heart was heavy, and she felt let down.

Yet, nothing hurt her more than Arnold’s words: “I don’t want you to attend my wedding, one more thing.

The entire affluent family of my fiancée will be present. I don’t want you to ruin my reputation by showing up in your filthy clothes. I don’t want to have to tell people you’re simply a cleaner when they ask me what you do.”

Diana was unable to control her tears any longer. She quickly entered her room and closed the door. S

he was so deeply offended that she sobbed for the remainder of the day. Arnold left to attend to the wedding preparations because he was too busy to check on her. The event was scheduled for two days.

Sunday marked Arnold’s well big day. Despite her son’s orders, Diana wouldn’t miss such a lovely occasion. She collected herself, went through her clothes, chose the most attractive clothing she owned, and then got dressed.

The day's highlighted story is Son Is Ashamed of Poor Elderly Mom at Wedding

“You are too little to comprehend the agony and desire of this mother. Son, I can’t afford to miss your special day. I’ll arrive, “She spoke out loud while gazing in the mirror, she said.

Diana purchased a vintage ceramic vase that she planned to give to her son as a gift. She discovered her coworkers and supervisor were already present when she arrived at the chapel.

She was delighted and momentarily lost sight of Arnold’s request that she not attend his wedding.

“Greetings, Miss Diana! You must be the happiest mother in the entire universe! “Her supervisor made a remark. Diana entered carrying the large gift box while smiling.

She observed the bride and groom kissing after exchanging wedding rings. Diana was unable to control her tears, even though she tried. She was overjoyed. I’ve succeeded, she exclaimed.

The wedding was followed by a magnificent celebration. Several well-off visitors rushed to the location to congratulate the newlyweds. Arnold was startled when he saw his mother coming. He scowled and arched his brow. “Why did she come here? She was warned not to ruin my day “He considered.

“Congrats, sweetheart! You two look wonderful! Best regards! “Diana replied as she gave her son the present. Arnold turned to look and noticed that the scene was being captured on camera.

He hesitantly accepted his mother’s present because he didn’t want to cause a scene. He opened the box only slightly to reveal the vase inside. “She gave me a rusty vase that was laying about the home. How affordable? “He sighed.

Arnold started to leave his mother’s gift, which he considered to be “trash,” but was stopped by her voice on the microphone.

Arnold grew frightened and pale. He was unaware that the 25-year-old secret she had been hidden from him would come to light on that particular day.

Diana began, “Twenty-five years ago, only minutes before my dearest friend died….” She looked up at the ceiling swiftly as tears began to form in her eyes.

“She handed me an ancient vase and instructed me to present it to her son on the day of his wedding. She wanted her kid to keep it because it was a gift from her deceased parents.”

Arnold was unable to comprehend his mother’s words.

“I took in her young boy when she passed away and reared him as my own. I never wed because I only wanted to give my child my time and affection.

Check out what your late mother left you in that vase, son; it’s time to do that. Cheers!” Arnold looked at the vase in disbelief as Diana raised a glass for a toast.

He was shocked. The antique ceramic vase contained large amounts of money. As he knelt down, tears streamed from his eyes.

Arnold understood that the lady of whom he was humiliated was not his birth mother but rather the person who gave her entire life to raising him. She was more to him than just a mother. She was his protector and savior, saving him after he became an orphan.

“My late friend’s pledge to me was fulfilled. Son, I’m delighted for you. Godspeed and be careful!” Diana concluded. Arnold was unable to let her depart in that manner as she moved towards the door. He pursued her quickly and stood in her path.

“I’m sorry, Mama. Your devotion to me is invaluable. I’m sorry if I offended you. You were always a good mother to me even if I was never a decent son. Why did you not inform me that I was an orphan?

Don’t leave me, please. I don’t want to experience orphanhood once more.” 

Son Is Ashamed of Poor Elderly Mom at Wedding

Arnold gave Diana a bear hug before they went back to the stage and watched the groom dance with his mother.

He said, “I love you, Mom!” Diana smiled, tears of happiness streaming from her eyes.

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