These People Used Everyday Things To Make The Most Amazing DIY Projects

When it comes to recycling, upcycling, and making crafts on their own, some people really amaze me with what they can do. You know the kind of projects we’re talking about. Everyone has a crafty friend who makes amazing things that make us wonder, “How in the world did you do that?” Some people are very creative and come up with new ideas for everything from textiles to woodwork to jewellery making to painting and so much more. Let’s look at some DIY projects that really made us stop and gasp!

A Colorful Handmade Dress

Talk about something that looks beautiful but took a lot of time and work. It’s a puffy dress with three layers of colour that blend together like a painting. The top of the dress is turquoise, then it changes to a lighter blue, then a light purple, then a dark purple, and ends with a pinkish purple and a turquoise ribbon tied in the back. It’s just beautiful!. It looks like a princess dress you might see in a Disney movie. Of course, not everyone would wear this dress. It depends on the person; some would love it, while others would hate it. But we really like it!

A Monumental Lamp

You would never think that a lamp could be made to look like a safety pin. But now we live in a world where almost anything can happen. This Reddit user used his creativity to come up with something so unique and useful. A giant safety pin lamp has been made out of aluminium and parts that have been 3D printed. When the pin is closed, the light goes out. When the pin is opened, the light comes on. When we first saw it, we thought it was a picture of a safety pin. But then they realised this was one of the most amazing things they had ever seen.

A Beekeeper’s Necklace

This necklace is so pretty to look at that it’s almost like a work of art. Here, a beekeeper has used resin to keep honeycomb pieces that they took from their hives. It wasn’t easy to get this piece to look so clean and shiny. To get the final product in the picture, there would have been a lot of careful rinsing and drying. What a lovely love project! We also love how the photographer has set up the pendant so that light shines through it. It looks almost like the honeycomb is on fire! Overall, we love this necklace so much we can’t get enough of it.

A painting by the next Van Gogh

This next piece is a painting by a talented young artist of a huge, stormy wave. Her style is like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” in that it is an oil painting with thick brushstrokes and the well-known swirl shape movement. Also, the colours remind me of Picasso’s “blue period.” As the blue, white, and black blend together, blue becomes the most prominent colour, making the painting look almost like a blue monochrome.

A Luminous Necklace

A beautiful turquoise necklace that also gives off light is shown here. Yes, you did hear right. This piece was made with precious metals, resin, and a pigment that makes it glow. The second one takes in light to make it shine. That’s so cool! This glowing necklace would look great at night and be a fun topic of conversation. Maybe the perfect thing to bring on a blind date? At least your necklace gave you something to talk about. If you want to buy this Reddit user’s glowing jewellery, this artist sells them on Etsy! Who needs a flashlight when accessories can light the way?

The Best Car Sticker Ever

This artist makes bumper stickers that challenge the ideas that people have about women based on stereotypes. This picture shows a sticker that says, “I like my women the way I like my coffee: strong and respected at work.” The person who made it is a social worker, and this creative outlet helps her deal with the stress of her job. The Reddit user also said that they started selling their bumper stickers at music festivals, which they loved going to, so they could buy tickets to more music festivals. Isn’t it? Simply put, these stickers are awesome. We love these funny, catchy sayings that support women’s rights at the same time. No matter where you drive, it must be nice to know that the person behind you is reading your thought-provoking bumper sticker!

From a purse for a wedding to a pillow to keep

Get the Kleenex ready! This beautiful pillow was once a purse for a wedding. But after 27 years of being stored, it was thrown away and ruined by the rain. So, for her mother’s 27th wedding anniversary, this creative artist did something lovely and kind. She was able to save the purse, and she turned it into a pillow to keep. As you can see, the purse has been given a new lease on life. It is now something pretty to look at or sit on while watching TV. It’s a white pillow in the shape of a small rectangle, and it has a flower pattern made of white crystal beads. The story of how this pillow came to be is so touching and moving. It makes us want to make something special for a person we care about.

A Pretty Painting of a Sunbathing Pitbull

Here’s a picture for all of you who like dogs. We all need a moment of peace and quiet in our crazy, hectic lives. That’s exactly what this painting will do. A colourful pit bull closes its eyes and meditates in the sun while lying in a bed of pretty flowers. This is a lovely watercolour portrait. We think the colourful dog goes well with the bright flowers, and the background, which is a light yellow, looks like the sun. Who wouldn’t want to buy and hang this painting on their wall? The colours are absolutely beautiful and go together so well. We wish we could feel as calm as this dog does.

A Combination of Backgammon and Nature

This Reddit user made a backgammon set out of beech wood and pressed sections of fern and lilac leaves set in bio-resin. As with everything else in nature, the leaves change colour over time. The board is an old piece from the 1980s that has been fixed up. Because of this, it shows a few signs of its age. The counter pieces are different, so the buyer can choose between wood counters made in a factory or birch branch slices that were cut by hand. This unique backgammon set can be yours if you like to play games or like to spend time outside. They can be bought on Etsy. So play with it and have fun. Or, it’s so pretty that you could hang it up as a work of art.

Find Out About the Skilled Carver and His Eagle

Meet this skilled person who carved this beautiful eagle out of a white oak tree stump. It might be too big to bring home, but it has found a home in nature, in its natural habitat. The eagle’s face and wings are tan, and his feathers and wings are dark brown. Look at how complicated the feathers are! It must have taken a long time to make, but boy, was it worth it! A scarecrow comes to mind when I look at this carved eagle. We think it’s possible that this bird could scare someone away because it’s so big and his eyes are so scary-looking.

Thinking about being a child

There are many things to love about being a mom, and it seems like one of those things is making your baby’s room. So, this mom put her kids in lockdown so she could focus on getting her baby’s room ready. Here, we can see hand-painted scenes from her favourite comic strip as a child, “Calvin and Hobbes,” which was made from 1985 to 1995. Even after 30 years, this is a great example of how some classics never get old. Look at how bright the colours are. She has also made some parts of the wall look like they are in three dimensions. We’re sure that her new baby will love this piece of art, as do we.

One picture shows three organic things.

The boy in the picture is the son of the artist. He likes knitting, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, and the Cosmos a lot. So, this Reddit user made a hat out of yarn that lights up like space and glows under black light. But that’s not everything. How cool is it that the same artist made both the yarn and the way it was dyed? The pattern for the hat is a Ravelry Sockhead Hat. Then, to finish things off. The hat is also black to represent the sky in space, and there are small bursts of colour around it to represent the planets, moon, and stars.

On top of an acrylic pour, two impressive portraits were painted.

Wow! There are no words for how good these two paintings are. The first painting is a picture of Medusa, who was punished by the Greek goddess Athena in Greek mythology. Because of this, she turned into an ugly monster with snakes for hair. The painting of Medusa is made from a pour of acrylic paint in gold, silver, and black. The second painting, on the other hand, is a portrait of a nun wearing a veil. It is also an acrylic pour, but the colours used are purple, turquoise, dark blue, and white. The acrylic pours definitely give the portraits a unique look and make them look more modern. All acrylics should end up like this. It’s a great idea!

A fake security camera in the shape of a birdhouse

This Reddit user says what most artists say: that what he made didn’t turn out the way he planned. But isn’t that the fun of it? Not know for sure how things will turn out? We sometimes just go along with the process of making art. The bent lamentation from edge-banding veneer was used to make these shelves out of wood to hang on the wall. The wood is made from oak and MDF. A circular saw and a router were used to make it. The shelves are small, white, round, and hang in a clear pattern. The next part is a brown veneer twist. There are many plants and small decorations on the shelves, which give the room a lot of personality.

Floating Shelves With a Twist

This Reddit user says what most artists say: that what he made didn’t turn out the way he planned. But isn’t that the fun of it? Not know for sure how things will turn out? We sometimes just go along with the process of making art. The bent lamentation from edge-banding veneer was used to make these shelves out of wood to hang on the wall. The wood is made from oak and MDF. A circular saw and a router were used to make it. The shelves are small, white, round, and hang in a clear pattern. The next part is a brown veneer twist. There are many plants and small decorations on the shelves, which give the room a lot of personality.

This smart person made her own beautiful wedding dress by hand.

This beautiful cream-colored full-length wedding dress is the talk of the office. This beautiful dress was made with a lot of care and attention to detail. The lace panels that run down the front of this hand-made dress from the shoulders and bodice to the floor are our favourite part. The matching sheer lace sleeves are also very pretty. We hope that the bride, whoever she was, felt beautiful on her wedding day. The person who made this one-of-a-kind wedding dress should think about starting their own business. We’re sure there would be a line of brides-to-be out the door! The time and skill that went into making this piece are really impressive.

Triceratops Trinket is small but perfectly shaped and painted by hand.

This crafter seems to like dinosaurs, especially Triceratop herbivores, which lived 68 million years ago in what is now North America. They look like they were made by hand out of clay or china and then painted white by hand. It’s impressive how much care has been put into painting blue flowers and leaves on these cute little guys. These ornaments would be great gifts for anyone who likes dinosaurs or is looking for home decor. We have to wonder, though, if they were made for a specific purpose or if they are just pretty things to look at and keep. How do you feel?

A pastel portrait of a pet that looks as good as a photograph

We don’t need to see the dog in this painting in real time because it looks just like the real thing! This portrait of a pet is so clever and lifelike that the dog looks like a king or queen. This beautiful picture of a family pet was made by an artist who used pastels and pan pastels. We don’t have to tell you that this piece took a lot of time and work. We think the person who made it is very talented and pays close attention to detail. Maybe they’ve done a few portraits of people. Who would you draw if you were good at it?

You don’t have to hurt or kill deer to make beautiful hairpins out of antlers.

The original poster says that deer antlers can be used to make different things without hurting or killing the deer. We checked. That’s right. From fall to winter, deer lose their antlers. This is normal, and it doesn’t hurt the deer. This carver used the shed antlers to make hairpins with beautiful details. In the middle of the carving on the top left is what looks like an amber stone. The rest are pieces that can stand on their own and would make great gifts. Even though we think those hairpin ends look pretty dangerous. Even so, it’s a great way to make use of something that would have gone to waste otherwise.

I made my partner these tan leather ankle boots.

These shoes were really made to walk in. This original poster is obviously good at making shoes. Whoever they are, they have used their design and making skills to make these tan leather ankle boots that look great. This piece of work is impressive in how much detail it has. With their fine-looking stitching and lace-up design, they’re boots you won’t want to put away anytime soon. We think they look like expensive boots that would cost a lot in a store. We’re sure that this original poster’s partner feels lucky to be able to walk around in a pair of boots that were made just for her.

All of these pendants were made on the same day.

This artist decided to post these unusual-looking pendants after someone said they were ugly. These pendants that look old are definitely eye-catching. They look like they were made with resin, wildflowers, and leaves, which gives them a charming Victorian feel. They were made with love and care, for sure. They’re cute and would make a great gift for someone you care about, especially if they love the outdoors. We especially like how the sparkles look against the petals of the flower. The original poster did well to ignore the negative comments and instead focus on making something special and unique.

Fans of Lord of the Rings, watch out!

Look at all the work that went into making these two leather pieces. The deep brown leather briefcase and the forest green book cover are a nod to Lord of the Rings. The Tree of Gondor is right in the middle of both pieces, and the person who made them paid close attention to the buckles and notches. The bag’s handle looks pretty strong to us as well. These things would make wonderful presents. Fans of Lord of the Rings would probably be lining up outside this author’s door to get their orders in. With all that work and care, these definitely stand out from the rest.

This hand-painted helmet really shows respect for nature.

The artist who made this original poster painted this helmet by hand, and the result is just beautiful. It’s a beautiful piece of work, and we love all the beautiful flowers from Spring and Summer. We can’t name all of the flowers here, but the daffodils, foxgloves, and daisies are beautiful, and there are a few butterflies flying around. Whether the artist rides a bike or a motorcycle, they are sure to get a lot of attention when they wear this helmet. We don’t know what kind of paint the original poster used, but we hope it’s the kind that won’t wear off in all kinds of weather, so these flowers will last forever.

It wouldn’t be fair to cut into this amazing cake.

This amazing and colourful cake is really something to see. The cake looks like the house in the Disney movie “Up.” We love how the house on the icing is so cute and cosy. But the big bunch of balloons made out of fondant icing is what really makes this cake stand out. With all those colours, this is a cake that really stands out. It would be a shame to mess with something so beautiful. But just the thought of it makes our mouths water. This person might be good enough to be on the Great American Baking Show or even the Great British Bake Off. Who wants tea and cake?

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