Parents Furious Place Restaurant This Sign On The Doorway

Families typically have both younger and older children. Families enjoy dining out together occasionally. In light of this, it’s possible that the young children will behave inappropriately while eating in a public setting.

When waiting for the rest of the group to complete eating, young children occasionally have a propensity to be a little dirtier and more restless.

Parents Furious Place Restaurant This Sign On The Doorway

You simply assume those things when you visit a restaurant that focuses to families. Even fast food establishments have a reputation for being friendlier to families than others.

You can only imagine how surprised these families with young children were when they visited a specific Arby’s in Minnesota.

Before anyone entered this specific Arby’s, they could read and see the sign that was displayed on the door.

Only well-behaved kids who can keep their bottoms on their seats and their food on their trays were allowed, according to the notice.

You will be asked to leave if you are unable to comply. Picture yourself as a parent of a boisterous two- or three-year-old who just wanted to grab a quick supper with the kids in tow.

Imagine the surprise when this sign was posted for all to see and read before entering Arby’s, a fast food establishment that is just another ordinary sandwich shop.

Any fast food restaurant that caters to families will have commotion with children running around. Yet, this Arby’s had had enough and was tired out.

Many parents with young kids are reluctant to eat at this establishment because of the decision to post this sign on the door.

Can you picture the experience of attempting to finish your meal while waiting for your youngster to finish his fries or get up from his seat in an Arby’s?

It has undoubtedly made eating uncomfortable and prevented family meals from being enjoyable.

Many mothers and parents just express irritation that the sign was posted in the first place and assert that this is not a place where people dine at white tablecloth tables.

In Elk River, Minnesota, there is an Arby’s that has made the decision to make families with young children feel uncomfortable, or at the very least second guess choosing this restaurant as their family dining location.

For a while, people boycotted the restaurant, but when there are few dining options in a city, not everyone is able or willing to boycott. A photo of the business’s entrance sign was posted on social media for all to see.

On social media, people commented on the sign. While some supported Arby’s, others were upset and could not believe that such a sign had ever been posted on the business’ entrance.

Children are children, and some behave better than others. When taken to a restaurant, some children behave well while others do not.

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