Our thoughts and prayers are with Willie Nelson during this difficult times…

One of the most well-known live performers in the genre of country music is Willie Nelson. And the contributions he and his family have made to the industry have acted as an inspiration for the younger generations related to country music. 

Despite being 89 years old and still going strong, Willie Nelson is touring the country with the Nelson Family.

At the beginning of 2022, he stated that he had been suffering from health issues and that he hadn’t informed the media until now.

Later on, he said that while he was on tour with the band last May, a member of Nelson’s family tested positive for Covid-19 due to which he canceled the Jazz Fest headlining gig. Moreover, the audience learnt the name of a secret band member for the first time with Willie’s recent revelation that he is, in fact, portraying a band member. 

He was sleeping on a tour bus before traveling to Nashville, then suddenly in the middle of the night he started complaining about shortness of breath. “I had a nebulizer on the bus for my asthma. I started working on everything I could, including Paxlovid. Monoclonal antibodies were present in his system already.” Later, he tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. 

Willie Nelson’s wife also shared their story with the media that “He had steroids”. His turning 89 at the time made the matter much worse. In order to monitor Willie Nelson’s health and ensure that he was making a full recovery from his sickness, they carried an entire medical unit with them to the ranch when they returned to their house in Spicewood, Texas. “We turned the house into a medical facility. There were some points when I doubted whether it would work or not,” she eluded again.

Nelson’s recovery from COVID-19 took six days. And he resumed touring with performances in New Braunfels, Texas two weeks after the COVID-19 virus-related health crisis.

Willie laughingly said that “It was not at all easy for me to cope. SOVID sure ain’t got nothing to turn on, that’s for sure”.

On September 24 in Raleigh, North Carolina, Willie Nelson, and His Family Band performed as the opening act for the Farm Aid Music Festival of 2022. John Mellencamp, Margot Price, Chris Stapleton, and Sheryl Crow among the other well-known performers expected to take the stage at the event.

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