Why would Netflix be making a big deal out of a new Chris Rock comedic special

Rock may not have impressed during his time on “Saturday Night Live,” but he became one of the key figures in stand-up comedy.

Netflix making big deal out of new Chris Rock comedic

After leaving “SNL,” Rock carried everything he had to stages across the nation. And that was before “The Smack” became a global sensation.

We all patiently awaited Rock’s reaction after Will Smith attacked him during the Oscars ceremony last year. Nearly a year after the alleged assault, he eventually gave it over the weekend.

It’s obvious that his anger from the assault hasn’t abated.

When was the last time Rock ruined his own joke as he does at the end of “Chris Rock: Selective Outrage” during the Smith roast?

Why would Netflix making deal of new Chris Rock comedic special

To give his opinion on “The Slap,” the comedian made us wait until the very end of the largely engaging hour that was broadcast live on Netflix.

He didn’t hold back either. Smith, his union with Jada Pinkett Smith, and their outspoken affairs were all savagely attacked by Rock. Although it wasn’t his funniest material, it was cathartic for a performer who stood up for Smith both before and after the heinous attack.

That only strengthened his already-impressive status in popular culture. Even so, the comedian’s suppressed rage frequently overpowered the laughter.

Rock, on the other hand, fulfilled the promise of the title by making fun of the selective targeting of woke radicals. R. Kelly’s songs had to be removed from radio stations all over the country, but Michael Jackson is still permitted.


His finest moment? He claimed that in the past, you required talent to land a particular job. Now, you can discredit a gifted individual by sharing their most offensive Tweets. A wise and important remark.

However, he didn’t elaborate on the comments. And when he subsequently singled out Meghan Markle for being a victim, he did so with a clear focus on race rather than her outrageous privilege.


new Chris Rock comedic special

Rock completely shunned the Beltway. He asserted that all Republicans tell lies while Democrats only tell parts of the truth. He did it so he wouldn’t have to do any research before committing to the latter. Weak.

President Joe Biden received one name-check from him, but he disregarded his predecessor. He did enter the abortion argument head-on, following Bill Burr’s lead and adding some nuance.

The “SNL” alumni are unabashedly pro-choice, but he acknowledges that this results in dead infants. And he repeatedly repeated it in a manner that was intended to make viewers pay attention.

His fathering experience inspired his best tale. He remembered how his teenage daughter had misbehaved on a school excursion and was threatened with expulsion alongside a group of white students.

He followed their parents’ quick and aggressive legal action with reluctance. But he didn’t think that helped his daughter mature the way a penalty might have.

Rock injected humor and observations into the narrative that most of his contemporaries lacked. The joke, which was delivered with wit and cunning, touched on race, money, privilege, and parenthood.

How many cartoons could accomplish all of that in Rock’s style? hardly any.

Rock looks ten years younger than his actual age of 58. He is older and wiser, but he is largely just as perceptive and keen as ever. He continues to speak in a raspy tone and confidently stalks the platform.

He still has some blind spots, such as the failure to examine woke overreach in detail. Why not also discuss the severe censorship that is affecting western society, from his fellow comics to the awkward headlines that Big Tech buries?

Talk about having the wrong goals.

Cris rock Talk about having the wrong goals.

Rock doesn’t need to comment on subjects like dating after divorce, gender differences, or other plainly obvious issues. Every night, that content is covered at the neighborhood comedy club.

Additionally, Rock openly expressed his rage over his divorce and subsequent relationships, which gave some of his jokes a repulsive edge that bordered on misogyny.

We turn to Rock for more than just banter ala Men Are From Mars. He reveals truths that far too many people won’t touch at his best.

Rock’s “Selective Outrage” merits an incomplete on that measure.

Regarding the Netflix after-show, less is more. It was a terrible idea to pair up woke scolds like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with established comic heavyweights like Dana Carvey, and when the discussion turned to race, both Carvey and co-host David Spade appeared terrified to utter a single word.

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